500th day of the Blog…Crazy weather in So Cal… Sea Walk in Outside Magazine!

Wow, I can not believe that we started the blog exactly 500 days ago! Even though I have only managed to get up about 350 or so posts I still feel like it has been quite the journey so far, and  can`t wait to see what the next 500 days will bring my way! The posts should be coming daily from here on out so keep checing back for all the latest.

The weather has been insane the last few days. Definitely more rain in the last few days than we have had in the last few years I would imagine. There is tons of swell in the water as well, lets just hope it cleans up a bit these next few days and we could be frothing!

Here are a few shots I took from T-street today as well as some shots of Christian and the 5`0 Cole Aviso in the new double-issue of Outside Magazine! The shots were taken by Yazzy on there 42 day journey to the Arctic Circle last year, most of which they spent in the Lofton Islands of Norway. I am always amazed by Christians ability to surf so well no matter what the conditions. He is a really remarkable young man and I have so much respect for all that he has been able to overcome and accomplish at such a young age. Check back soon for more…