Naki and Christian

Here is a quick little video of Naki and Christian making the most of some one foot waves on the 5`0 Aviso BD3 designed by Cole Simler…

「A tales of Amami」episode4 / Nakisurf Movie トリップ編 from nakisurf on Vimeo.


Naki and the BD3 in North Hawaii

Here are a few shots of our man Naki and crew out in Hawaii tearing it up on their Aviso BD3`s designed by Cole Simler in San Clemente, CA.  The BD3 (Trunkboard) is the ultimate summer stick,  and an amazing addition to any quiver. Get one now and you will be enjoying it for years to come…

Yeah Naki!

Layback gouge!

Sick knock-knee snap


All the boys love the BD3!

Backside attack

Showing off the bonzer bottom on the BD3!

North Hawaii

Big or small the BD3 fits. This shot is a little older but so epic!


Great shot of Naki with his 5`0 Aviso

Love this shot of Naki with his 5`0 Cole Aviso from one of his past trips to the South Islands of Japan. The 5`0 Cole Trunk Board in Aviso Technology is hands down the most travel friendly board on the market today. Get one now and you will be appreciating it for a very long time…


Nakisurf event at the Apple Store!

Naki hosted another Apple Store event over the weekend in Japan, here are a few of the shots I pulled off his site. Check out the Aviso BD3 Bonzer in the mix…

The waves were really fun this morning. Like head high and super peaky, with light offshores in the morning. Tomorrow should be a little smaller but still good.  Get out there if you have a chance.


More shots of Naki with his Fireblade

dHere are some more shots of Naki with his new 5`5 Aviso Fireblade designed by Cole. The first few shots were taken last week when he was in California, and the others he snapped off over the last few days back  in Hawaii.  Check back soon for more once he had a chace to get it in some real surf back home…

NAki driving down the line on is new 5`5 Aviso

Rebounding with style!

Sick little rock n roll floater

Softsand Reef;)

BD5, Fireblade and BD3

5`5 Fireblade making its first apperance in the Islands!

Handmade in the USA at our factory in Minden, NV.


Naki in Costa with the 5`0 BD3 with single fin bonzer!

Here are a few shots of Naki riding the first 5`0 BD3 bonzer in Aviso Technology down in Costa Rica!  Naki decided to make a quick run south score some surf and test out a few boards. Looks like he was loving new setup on the 5`0!

Looks like it was going off out there...

Naki about to backdoor a pretty heavy looking section on the 5`0 Aviso BD3 Boozer. I guess he made all but one of his waves out there....

Beautiful shot Naki!


Pura Vida

Costa Sunset


Naki pushing the limits on the 5`0 Aviso BD3

Check out the shots of Naki riding his 5`0 Cole/Aviso BD3 in Hawaii. These shots were taken during those last two swells we got this past week.  Definitely some of the biggest waves that I have seen the 5`0 surfed in. Very impressive Naki-san…

Some things are worth more than gold...