Batty back from Indo

Ian Battrick just returned from his latest trip to Indonesia where he was busy getting tubed while most of us have been grueling away at work.  Here is a sick shot of Ian clicking a Gorkin flip on his 5`11 Doc Aviso that he sent me as well as another insane shot of him on his 6`1 Doc Aviso that I snagged from his blog. Check  out Ian`s blog for more…

Ian getting upside down!

Ian on his 6`1 Doc Aviso at Kandui

Dreaming of Indo


Batty scores Wavelength cover!

Ian Battrick just sent us a copy of this new Wavelength Magazine that features Ian on the cover riding his 5`11 Doc Aviso!  Ian is over in Indo right now but was kind enough to forward this over to us when he got online for a minute. Thanks again Ian, be safe out there…

Wavelength Photo Annual


Modern Nomads

Here are some more shots of one of the Modern Nomads, our man Ian Battrick. The Modern Nomads are a group of surfers who have been doing what it takes in this modern world of luxury surf tours and million dollar boat trips that some of the other soul surfers out there revel in. Check back soon for more…

Ian is camping out on the beach right now at Kandui before the resort goes in...

Ian on his trusty 5`11 Doc Aviso

The Bat in flight

This is the payment Ian reaps for all the time he puts in...


More from Iceland

Our good mate Ian Battrick made it back up to Iceland this past week to make sure all was well and right at his favorite glacier. With the recent volcanic activity and the frigid (to say the least) water temps, I wondered why anyone in there right mind would be so excited to be there. That is until I saw the pictures of empty, firing beachbreaks and it all became quite clear.   Everything we are looking for is out there somewhere, it just depends on how hard you are willing to look….


Shots of Ian in Indo

Check out these shots that Ian sent over to us last week of from his latest trip to Indonesia with his 5`11 Doc Aviso. I guess there are a bunch more crazy ones that are being held for the mags so I will let you know when I hear more.  For now here is a little teaser….


Iceland goes off (Literally)!

Here are a few shots of Ian Battrick over in Iceland with his 5`5  Doc Aviso New Toy and his trusty 5`11 Doc Aviso.  Ian was actually suppose to be headed back up that way this week, but with the recent volcanic eruptions he has been delayed a few days. Flights all across Europe were grounded yesterday as huge clouds of ash and smoke drifted east over the continent.  Ian was kind enough to send me these pictures yesterday for everyone to check out…


Ian Battrick checking in from across the pond

“I hope you boys are all well and having a great weekend there!!   Whats been on?  First few sunny days here…….but typically just gone flat with it.
Stumbled on these today from France, they have been used in mag now, so cool if need for anything or a blog shot…thought id send them over”

Thanks Ian, much appreciated my friend…


Ian Battrick profile…

I finally got myself a copy of the new Wavelength magazine with the Ian Battrick profile in it! Here are a few shots I snapped off today of the mag.  Congratulations Ian! It is great to see all of your hard work and dedication paying off…

NEw issue of Wavelength!

Ian BAttrick pulling in below sea level on his Doc Aviso

Great to see Ian getting the press he deserves!

Ian on his 5`11 Doc Aviso in France

Sick fins free gouge courtesy of BAtty

Ian is not scared to pull in. How is that shot of him on the left pulling into a heavy Irish Slab!