Naki and Christian

Here is a quick little video of Naki and Christian making the most of some one foot waves on the 5`0 Aviso BD3 designed by Cole Simler…

「A tales of Amami」episode4 / Nakisurf Movie トリップ編 from nakisurf on Vimeo.


Chrisitan scores another cover on his 10`0 Aviso!

Christian Wach scored another cover on his Aviso, this time riding his 10`0 CJ Nelson Aviso model!   It takes a lot for a yankee to score the cover of Australian Longboarder Magazine, but after his dominance over at Noosa the past few years they decided he earned it.  Here is Christian with a whole new spin on tip time… Photo by Dane Peterson.

Wach at Noosa