BAM! (Brian Anderson Model)

Yesterday I went up to visit RS in Newport Beach at the Wave Tools shop over on Placentia.  He has been holding it down for Lance the last few months, and has turned it into a little Aviso hub as well.

While I was there I picked up the 9`9  Aviso Brian Anderson Model by Robert August with a beautiful green tint.  I have been dying to get my hands on a single fin to ride, and I was so stoked when RS handed it over for a test run. 

After battling it out down the trail over a crowded Presidents Day weekend, I was in need of a different way to get my surf fix.  Usually I am not much of a logger, but after riding the BAM I think I might be hooked.  I caught as many waves as I desired, and was able even get in a little bit of tip time! 

Christian has always told me that there is something special about the way that Aviso`s noseride.  He told me once that it almost felt like he was cheating on his 10`0 CJ.   Today I kind of understood what he was talking about, and I loved it! Check back soon for more on the BAM.



Keeping the 80`s alive

Go visit RS at the Wave Tools shop on Placetia, off 19th St in Newport.

Looking at Church way up in the distance. It has been really fun the last few days...