Balaram Stack on his Aviso

This morning I dropped off Perkins and his lovely girl Kristen off at the airport. I was sad to see them leave but at the the time I am sure I will see them soon!  After that I snuck in a quick surf, and ran off to meet up with my friend Drew from Blackline. Drew had called me earlier because his son had snapped the nose off of his foam board, and was kinda in a bad spot seeing that it was his only board. His son had ridden our 5`1 once before and it worked amazing for him so he was hoping I might be able to help.  As luck would have it, I had just received a demo back from east coast ripper Balaram Stack.

He finally out grew his first Aviso, but even after 2 solid years the board still does not have a single pressure ding!  That is one of the beauties of owning an Aviso, you wont pressure ding the life out of your board after a few solid sessions!. I had the chance to stay with Balaram out in NYa few months back when we were on one of our little east coast tours.  The kid is was up at sunrise every day checking the buoys and frothing to surf, I loved it! Check out the pics of Balaram ripping on Aviso technology!