Aviso in Haiti

Check out this article from Phil Goodrich`s trip to Haiti a few months ago…

Phil Goodrich, style master!

“Haiti has been many things in its long history as a nation occupying the western third of Hispaniola Island, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. From the halcyon French days of Saint Domingue, the most lucrative foreign colony ever founded by a European nation in the New World, to becoming the first black republic after a bloody slave revolt under Toussaint l’Overture; “The Black Napoleon”, to a refuge for German Jews fleeing the Nazi extermination policies, to a sinister redoubt of voodoo under the charismatic Dr Françoise Duvalier, to a non-entity on the itinerary of massive Caribbean cruise ships, Haiti has been through many changes in its long history.”


Phil gouging on his trusty 6`1 JJ Aviso

“More recently, Haiti has become a synonym for hardship and tragedy. The recent earthquake will compound the difficulties of ordinary Haitians. If anywhere did not need a catastrophic natural disaster, it would have to be Haiti. The one thing Haitians have going in their favor in this situation is: Haitians are tough. They have to be. The average Haitian doesn’t have a soft life, and the people are resilient and inventive. With the help of the world community, they can recover and build a better nation than what was before.”

Phil and crew walking out to the point

Phil and crew walking out to surf the right

“Our intention in presenting this material from our recent surfing project on the south coast of Haiti, from Jacmel in the east to Les Anglais in the west, is to highlight the outstanding surfing conditions and the color, vibrance, and life of the Haitian people. Haiti is a special place, and for Haiti to recover from this huge earthquake, it will need the assistance of the world and surfers can play their part by donation to a reputable charity and perhaps by planning a future trip to the country. The waves will be there, unridden and empty; the waters of the Caribbean will be as warm and welcoming as the enduring spirit of the Haitian people.”

Love this shot!

Also click here to check out the link to the whole article complete with commentary on all of the  shots…

Another amazing portrait from Phil during his downtime from surfing!

All photos by John S. Callahan

Same board still going strong after all these years! Phil has had his 6`1 Jeff Johnston Aviso for almost three years now and it still performs like the day he got it. The only difference is that now he has the thing completely wired! Great job Phil, thanks for everything you have done, you are a gentleman and a true ambassador for our sport…