Aviso and LunaSurf team up!

You can now get the finest surfboards on the market from our good friends over at LunaSurf! ┬áCheck them out online here and also check out the epic quote below from the man himself…

You don’t want to be spending months camped out waiting for the perfect day on a spot, and then when ‘your dream day’ rolls around not have the perfect board or any boards left at all for it. I have seen people go through their entire quiver in a single morning and have to leave the waves of their life/go home because of it. You do not want to be that guy! It really is worth having an Aviso in your quiver for peace of mind and performance. My Jeff ‘Doc’ Lausch 5’11 and 6’1 Aviso Surfboards are 4years old now and remarkably they still don’t have a single ding on them!” – Ian Battrick


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