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Hey Aviso Surfboards,

Just got back from Peru. I was able to score Chicama, the world’s longest
left-hand point break, with a fun-sized swell.

My carbon fiber board worked like a charm; here are a few pictures of some
of my waves down there.

Thank you for this board, and thank you for making a product that will hold
up against the ravages of travel.

At the top of this point break is a pretty nasty set of rocks, and on one of
the days I paddled out from behind the point as usual. The currents were
running a lot stronger than before and I quickly got swept into a really bad
spot with barnacled rocks all over the place. There were deep trenches
between the rocks and I was being hit by 5 foot waves. The water was
swirling me through the trenches and then holding me underwater against the
rocks. I had to climb the barnacles to get out from under the water, and
then another wave would hit and throw me back into the trench and against
more rocks.

I eventually got out of it, and after the worst situation I’ve ever
encountered in the ocean, battered against a terrible set of sharp rocks,
the board has only a minor scratch.

I showed this to the other surfers, and they couldn’t believe it. I was
bleeding all over the place from huge scratches on my arms and face, had
bruises all over, and yet my board was almost totally undamaged. If I had
taken a fiberglass board it would have literally snapped in two.

Thank you so much for making a product that I can feel confident will
survive the punishment of traveling to a strange new waves and learning it’s
moods. Surfing is a tough endeavor and the ocean is a dangerous place. I
feel confident when I’m paddling out for the first time that my board will
survive no matter what idiocy I put it through.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

John Stead


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