Another amazing week in Southern California!

This Week has truly been amazing! After spending the weekend down in beautiful San Diego for the ASR trade show, we headed straight to Huntington Beach for the final event of the Quicksilver Shop Challenge! The event took place on the south side of the pier in solid head high surf.  In the end it was the local boys over at Surfride down in Oceanside taking home the grand prize of ten thousand dollars, a trip to the Eddie and a brand new Aviso!

The waves have been going off all week and as luck would have it, the top surfers in the world were in town to take full advantage.  The only WCT event that takes place on the mainland went down all week in flawless surf down at Lowers.  The level of surfing all week was nothing short of mind blowing.  In the end if you bet against Kelly you are an idiot. With conditions deteriorating, the event organizers made the call to run the final yesterday afternoon. Even though Kelly was in combo land half way through the final he still managed to get a couple of nines to pull off the win and finish off a tremendous week of surfing!


After the event we assembled Robo, Perko, Yeomans and crew, then headed off to Takao for some insane sushi.  If you are ever in San Clemente be sure to stop by and grab yourself a ONO roll.  You wont regret it! After a few rolls and a few drinks we were all primed up to make our grand entrance at the MADA party at the OC tavern. The rest of the night was a blast, and we ended up back at the pad safe and sound and ready for another day, whatever it might bring!


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