Grasshopper at Lowers!

I had the chance to run down to Lowers for an hour today and get a few waves on the new Aviso Grasshopper. The waves were small but I was excited to try out my new board so my friend and I decided to rush it anyway.  When we got there there were only two people out, and both ended up geting out right away. Even though the waves were small it was so great to get in the water and surfing Lowers by ourselves always makes for an amazing day. I rode the new 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper by Cole and it worked great in the less than impressive surf. I rode it as a three fin (thruster) today, and cant wait to ride it next as a quad once I get some new fins tomorrow. Be back with more soon,  hope you have a great evening!

Aviso Grasshopper at the Lowers drop off

Not too many waves, but I still had a chance to get a few on my new Grasshopper!

Lower Trestles


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