Checking in with Naki

Here are some shots from Naki, taken over the last few weeks in Hawaii. ┬áHe is back over in Japan now I believe but it looks like he got a couple of good swells before he left on his 5`0 Aviso BD3 by Cole. This is the same exact board that he has been riding relentlessly for about three years now and it is still as alive as it ever was. That is the beauty of owning an Aviso. The initial price might be more than your average board, but it more than makes up for it over time…

American Made

Naki on his 5`0 Aviso

Slotted in paradise on the Aviso BD3

Lay back slash!

The original 5`0 Aviso BD3

Looks like fun

Another sick barrel shot from Naki


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