Nate Yeomans on his Rusty Aviso!

Here are a few shots I just came across of Nate Yeomans riding his 6`0 Rusty Kompressor in Aviso Technology.  The Kompressor is a sick shortboard/fish hybrid that should be ridden a few inches shorter than your standard shortboard. There are currently four sizes available in our carbon fiber technology, ranging in size from 5`10 up to a 6`4.  Check out these shots from Jason Kenworthy of Nate riding his Kompressor down at Creek…

NAte Yeomans about to unleash on an unsuspecting section

Giant blowtail courtesy of Nate and his Aviso

Airing it out

When the water is cold, Nate spends his time in the air

Nate looking for a soft landing

Yeomans with the 6`0 Rusty Aviso Kompressor

Thanks for checking out the blog. Hope you all had a great weekend! It has been pouring rain for the last few days here in Southern California but there should be surf tomorrow  if the weather clears up. Take care and check back tomorrow for more…


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