Aviso in the new Surfers Path

We just recieved a copy of the new Surfers Path the other day and were  so stoked to see all the shots of Phil Goodrich and Ian Battrick riding their Aviso Surfboards inside!  Phil got a huge profile on his art and Indo missions and Ian got a couple shots from Kandui in another article as well. Great work boys, and a special thanks to Alex over at The Surfers Path…

The Surfers Path

A Hollow Surf Obsession!

How stoked would you be paddeling out to that empty left...

Phil dropping in at "Durian Point"

Phil in the zone on his 6`1 Jeff Johnston Aviso

Phil with a filthy barrel sequence on the left

Stalling for another perfect tube...

Alone again, somewhere in Sumatra

Here is Ian Battrick on a meaty one at Kandui on his 6`1 Doc Aviso

Ian on a crazy one. He did not make it but by the time this shot was taken he had already made it through three or four sections like this..

Thanks for your time, hope you all are having a great start to your week!  Check out the meteor shower going on right now in the Gemini constellation if you are up late tonight. It peaked last night but still should be putting on a show for the next few days…


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