More from Cole`s shop

Here are a few more shots from down at Cole`s shop in San Clemente, CA. I went down to Cole`s shop the other day to drop off one of his new 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper`s and to get caught up with everyone . It turns out my timing could not have been any better, as soon as I walked up I see Christian Wach headed there as well. I finally had a chance to show him the new Grasshopper and he was very impressed!   

Christain Wach with the new 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper

 It was the first time I have had a chance to show the board to Cole`s shop manager Robo as well, and he was extremely excited about how well the board turned out!  I think it is one of our best models to date. It really turned out amazing, Cole was very  impressed by the fine quality of the craftsmenship.

Robo dream surfing a wave on his 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper...

Christian checking the Grasshopper with Robo hard at work.

The Dude with his creation

It is always a pleasure to get to hang out with Cole and Robo for a while and absorb some knowledge from the master.  Having Christian there as well was truly an added bonus. He is really a great guy with good energy. Our good friend Taro from Nakisurf even showed up towards the end and joined in.  Definitely a good day in Southern California!

Christian greeting our friend Taro!

The new Aviso Grasshopper by Cole

Hope you  all are having a wonderful weekend. Only 19 days left in 2010, get out there and make them count!


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