Lost in Translation, October 2010

Here are some more pictures from my trip to Japan last week.  The whole trip was a bit of a whirlwind thats for sure. I ended up getting in Sunday night and staying the first night down in Tokyo Bay. Then it was off to meet up with Naki for a quick sushi mission for lunch before we met up with Cole and Carlson at the hotel we would be staying at the second night.

Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay

Amazing architecture all through Tokyo

 After meeting up with the boys and getting checked in to the hotel, we were off for another round of sushi (Cole and Carlson had yet to have a go) to store up some more energy for the release of the Aviso Grasshopper in a few hours. After eating an amazing array of some of the best sushi I have been blessed to have, it was off to the Apple Store in Ginza for the Apple Store event where we showed off the very first Grasshopper in Aviso Technology to a packed house!

Cole and Carlson

Daichi, Hayato and Kenji

Getting ready for the big night!

Wild in the streets

Backstage before the show

Naki, Cole and I with the first Grasshopper!


I cant wait to get mine!

Naki and Cole

After  the event at the Apple Store it was off to the after party hosted by the NakiSurf crew where the beer flowed like beer tends to do around a bunch of thirsty surfers! After that we divided up in to smaller groups and continued our nights at various watering holes through out the city. The next day Cole, Carlson and I were off to the airport on hardlly more than a few hours sleep, but I slept like a baby on the plane dreaming about those crazy Tokyo nights and what I think was a karaoke bar…

Tokyo nights!


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