Swell picked up, things looking good…

The swell picked up here in Southern California, and things are looking really good for the next few days and possibly through next week!  The weather was beautiful today, with temperatures finally creeping back into the 70`s along the beaches.  Got to love California!

I ended up surfing down the trail this afternoon on my 5`9 Fireblade with my friend Gyr. He rode his 5`5 Round Nose Fish.  I think his board is about two or three years old and the thing looks like he bought it last week.  I have never even heard of a board that lasts close to as long as my Aviso.  If you want a good board that lasts, look no further my friend…

Low tide arvo session today... Pretty drained out when we got there but it cleaned up a lot before dark.

Perfect way to end another beautiful day in SC!


5`9 Cole Fireblade and 5`5 Lost Round Nose Fish

Gyr Bloom with his trusty 5`5 Aviso

5`9 Fireblade now available in Aviso Technology!

MAde in the USA!


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