Fun waves today on the 5`0 Aviso!

I got some really fun waves today on my 5`0 Cole/Aviso Bd3 w/ single fin box.  The swell angle was much better today for SC compared to the last few days, especially for the beaches.  I had on of my best sessions yet on my 5`0.  The last few sessions I have been riding it just as a twin fin and I love it.  I am so stoked on how many different setups I can use in this board, that it has become on of my favorites.

The 5`0 BD3 is such an amazing and versatile board. I have ridden it now in everything from little tiny wind swell and had fun, as well as gotten barreled in overhead surf!  It shines in all sorts of conditions. For me personally I ride it in any surf up to slightly overhead surf.  What I sacrifice in paddling from my 5`1 BD3, I more than make up for in the fact that the board will fit in places no other board can once you are in the wave.

As far as the fins go, you can ride more of a standard shortboard setup in a variety of conditions and be completely satisfied. That is how I use to ride it all the time. Since I got the single fin, I have been able to throw that thing in and just have a blast in small surf. I have yet to ride that setup in big surf but it is so much fun to play with.  Recently I got a set of twin fins from Cole that are similar to an MR template and it is amazing. It is like riding a new board each time I change it up. I don`t like it as much for big down the line gouges, but the thing blows tail like no other board I have ever ridden, and as always, the BD3 was made to fly. With this setup I get so much drive it is crazy for a board that small..

Pulling into one on the BD3 this afternoon...


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