Titus Kinimaka in San Clemente with his Aviso

Titus came into town the other day to play a concert at the Rainbow Sandal paddle race.  We ran into each other yesterday at Trestles and today hooked up down at State Park to go for a little paddle.  Here is a shot of Titus and I that our good friend Jason Kenworthy snapped real quick over by the cliff right before dark.  Thats the 10`6 Titus model in the back ground.  Titus is a huge fan of Aviso, and cant say enough about the board.  He told me that after a crazy session when he can barely lift his arms from paddling he is always stoked to have his Aviso.  He said he can surf spots he was never able to go before because he can carry his carbon fiber no problem!  Check back soon for more shots of the Titus model and  the man himself in action!  Aloha!!!

Titus and I with his Aviso down at State Park! Check out more from Jason at JRKenworthy.com!

Titus and I with his Aviso down at State Park! See more from Jason at JRKENWORTHY.com!


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