Comment of the Month

Comment of the month goes to John Perkins out in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

“Ya Nick! Thanks to Aviso for building the best surfboard technology ever! I still have my 5′6 Lost RNF and my friend Kenny is currently south of the border getting pitted on it! What other technology out there can you confidently let your friend borrow to ride in hollow beach break and know it will be coming back home safe? A Firewire or Surftec would have broke years ago. My quiver is going on three years. Since then I have witness my buddy’s spend thousands of dollars on boards that work good for 6 to 8 months max before snapping or becoming a sponge… Thank You Aviso, you have been a true blessing…”

Thanks Perko, I could not have said it better myself…


Perkins throwing it down on the "Short-Bus", his bright yellow 5`6 Aviso RNF!


2 thoughts on “Comment of the Month

  1. I have I few really good poly boards that have an inch of dust on them. Once you go Aviso you never go back!

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