Christian`s trip to Norway (Part 3)

Here is the final installment of Christian`s email from his Norway trip. Please leave a comment if you have a second, I changed the setting so it should be easier to leave one…

PICT0023“We took the Kraemmervika speedboats out today and went fishing! SO ZINE dude… I caught the biggest fish I’ve ever caught in my life. A huge Cod! I only caught two fish but they were both pretty big. Probably about two or three feet long. Cod is the number one export in Norway. It is very interesting. You see thousands of cod hanging from wooden stilts in uniform lines. The cod dries for 2-3 months. There are 17 catagories of Cod. The highest quality goes to Italy and lowest quality, the fish heads, go to Africa for Cod stew. Pretty weird how the world works like that. Anyways, the bay where we fished today was incredible. Huge sheer mountains come down into the ocean and create an insane fjord which is like a huge bay.

As far as the surf goes, it’s been pretty flat but really nice weather. We surfed once and it wasn’t even that cold. I thought it would be colder, but then again, the sun was out, and it was keeping us fairly warm. The waves were fun too. Fun little lefts for the CJ Nelson Aviso model I brought.

That’s pretty much what we’re up to. Soon we will be camping about an hour away on some deserted beach where we have to take a boat to. Then we have to hike about an hour to the beach where will then post up and really live it rugged because at the moment we’re living like kings eating waffles and cod all day. The outdoors will be a great angle for the Outside Magazine article. After camping for as long as we can bear without getting frost bite, we’re heading North to Russia to camp some more. We’ve heard there’s a lot of radio activity along the coastal waters so I’m a little nervous about that but what’s an adventure without a little fear? I’m looking forward to it. After that we are flying over to the Faroe Islands. That’s an entirely different adventure we’ll be tapping into. I’ll try and send out more updates as soon as I have more to write about because that’s pretty much all of it. Thanks for reading!” ¬† ¬†Christian

Photo by Sea Walk in Russia


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  1. Amazing story… It is great to see people pushing the frontier of surfing further and further! Go Sea Walk!

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