Christian`s trip to Norway (Part 2)

Here is the second part of Christians email that he sent over during his trip to Norway…

Unridden-Waves-550W“The days are never-ending here in The Lofotons. November through January it’s dark all day long and all night. Then this part of the year every day is getting 20 minutes longer day by day until the midnight sun occurs in June, July, and sometimes August. You can surf all day and all night if you want. The sun pretty much goes around the sky in a big circle. It’s never straight overhead. We havn’t seen the Northern Lights yet though unfortunately. I feel like I’ve been here for two weeks already.

A couple of days a go we went out on a Viking ship! Dude, it was an experience. Full remake of an old Viking ship that they used to sail from Norway to Iceland, ¬†Sweden and all over the arctic circle to pick up the hottest chicks. Then, export them back to Norway. That’s why there are so many gorgeous girls here. And yeah, it’s no rumor. Women here are extremely beautiful. You should have seen in the airport man… Pat Millin and I were staring every two seconds.

You should see how beautiful the mountains are here. They are Huge. We’re staying at this killer place as well called the Kraemmervika Rorbuer. T hey have really good food and nice people own it named Ingvar and Torgun. They have really nice kids, 8 and 9 that have been hanging out with us around the place as well. I became pretty good buddies with one of the sons named Andreas. They have music equipment here like a drum set, some speakers and an EQ system. The reason they have all this is so that local bands can come and play without having to bring their equipment and also so that traveling musicians can perform as well. Today I taught Andreas how to play the drums and we have a little song we’re going to jam tonight for “Open Mic Night.” I’m also going to perform some of my songs. Yazzy, Pat, James, the writer who is writing our story for Outside Magazing (who is by the way, one of the funniest people I’ve ever met), and I, are going to perform a couple songs we came up with yesterday. Pat and I are the rastafarian vocalists, Yazzy’s on raeggae strum, and James is on the Balstad beats. We’re called the Fish Heads apparently after the vintage fish head bags hanging on the wall behind the drum set where we practiced….”

I`ll be back with the third and final part of the email tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful day/night! All photos by Yazzy


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