West coast goes off, Derek on the New Toy

I am up in Santa Barbara tonight after surfing Rincon all day!  From what I hear the waves were going off up and down the coast today.  I ended up charging north to try and score some of the swell at the Queen of the Coast, and was really glad that I did.  As the tide dropped throughout the day the waves got better and better, and I surfed until I could barely paddle or run back up the point.  I ran into Nate Yeomans, Killian Garland, the G boys (Pat, Dane, and Tanner) and even saw the man himself, Mr. Tom Curren.

I need to download some pics when I get home  so please come back soon and check out the pics from today and whatever happens tomorrow. For now check out this pic of Derek Bockelman on the 5`9 Doc new Toy in Aviso Tech..

Derek at Oceanside Harbor...

Derek at Oceanside Harbor...


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