Aviso KiteBoards with the FastTrack

Check it out, we have been doing R&D on the kiteboards over a year now and we just went online last week with SlingShot…

Ben Wilson on the 5`4 Aviso Celeritas

Ben Wilson on the 5`4 Aviso Celeritas

The Moonshine Celeritas is part of a line of boards born from the partnership between AVISO SURF and SLINGSHOT. Breakthrough innovations such as AVISO carbon fiber Free Space Laminating engineering allow for the ideal strength to weight ratio without sacrificing the riding experience. Exclusive SLINGSHOT Fastrack technology, offers for the first time ever, the option to micro adjust the stance width and placement more forward or closer to the tail. The flexibility to set the pads and straps in any position makes Fastrack technology the ultimate in performance. With SLINGSHOT Fastrack technology you can even remove the pads and straps completely to ride strapless in a matter of seconds.


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