Patiently Waiting

Word on the street is we should finally have some little waves rolling in over the next few days.  I was beginning to wonder if there would ever be surf again after the past week but things are definitely looking up!

I am also patiently awaiting the arrival of my new 5`5 Doc that should be making its way down to San Clemente as well soon. Hopefully I will have it for the weekend, but either way I am sure you will all hear about it when I do:) 

For now here are a few more shots of the first 5`5 Aviso New Toy designed by Doc…

5`5 Aviso New Toy looking good from all angles!

5`5 Aviso New Toy looking good from all angles!


3 thoughts on “Patiently Waiting

  1. TomCat’s got one already in the works!!! White gloss, bling– bling New Toy!!

  2. ALOHA! i just got my 5’5 new toy last week and will be paddling out in san clemente for its maiden voyage this afternoon! soo SICK!

    love the blog .. thanks for keeping it up (its the reason i was able to get my board as soon as i found out about it here .. YAY!)

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