A mellow Sunday

I woke up a little late  today, then headed over to our good friend Jason Kenworthys house.  If you have opened up a copy of Surfer Magazine over the last few years then you have definitely seen a ton of his photos.  He actually scored the cover of Surfer this month!  Anyway, I went over to take him his brand new 9`8 Stand up from Infinity and drop off a few copies of our new catalog that features a bunch of his amazing photos. 

I love this board! The 9`8 Aviso from Infinity is definitely the best paddle board that I have ever ridden.  We just updated it and added a center fin box so that the board would have the option of riding it as a quad or 2+1 setup.  I love this board as a quad but I am stoke on the added versatility!  Kenworthy agrees that with the addition of the center fin box, this board is by far the most advanced performance SUP on the market today!  Be sure to stop by the Infinity shop on PCH in Dana Point and check it out.  They might be able to arrange a demo for you, and be sure to tell Steve and the crew I said hi! Also be sure to ask about the new Aviso Secret Weapon!!


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