Opening Day

Well it was opening day (or weekend) as far as over-hyped south swells go in Southern California.  Rumor had it a big south was coming our way that was larger than any we got last year.  With that on the streets and Surfline backing it up with claims of “Fair-Good” conditions (which they changed today) how could thing go wrong? Well turns out there was swell but most spots saw a hideous south wind blow from sunrise to sunset, and even though lowers still had some solid sets, you were rubbing elbow with 50 of your closest friends.  Sound like fun?

On a more positive note, there were some fun waves to be had at some of the less over-hyped spots up and down the coast.  There is suppose to be a little high pressure system moving in so thing should clean up a bit tomorrow and into tuesday so get on it if you can!

Lumpy Lowers

Lumpy Lowers


2 thoughts on “Opening Day

  1. O-side was reeling all weekend. A little soft but FUN! It was perfest for my 5-2 BD3 (but then again isn’t it always?)…

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