Hayato`s Aviso Grasshopper by Cole!

Looks like our friend and NakiSurf team rider Hayato recently got his hands on a new 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper designed by master shaper Cole Simler. I cant wait to see some shots of it in action…


California Dreaming

Weather was beautiful today here in California and I was able to spend the morning down at San Onofre with a few great friends riding the new Canvas MNR`s! It was especially cool to see my friend Masa from Japan and Bucky(Uncle Buck Model) from Dana Point. The waves were in the one to two foot range but we had the perfect boards for the occasion. I rode the 6`12 today and was quite impressed by its glide in the less than perfect conditions. Great fun was had by all. Later after visiting a few of our surfboard designers/shapers around town I went up in the hills around Laguna Beach to run the dog and enjoy this beautiful state we live in!


LunaSurf Tail Pad

Check out the new LunaSurf tail pad that dropped a few weeks ago. They look sweet, I cant wait to get one to try out.  Ian Battrick signed off on this one and he has a good eye for quality product so be sure to give one a go.

Ian with his 5`5 Aviso New Toy by Doc

It was another beautiful day here in California again today, with temperatures in the seventies all day long. The waves were in the waist high range, with a couple of decent if inconsistent sets. As I mentioned yesterday the end of the week looks promising…


Random Canvas Love

Here are some more shots of the 5`12 and 6`12 Canvas Aviso MNR`s out and about for your viewing pleasure. It turned our to be another beautiful California day here in San Clemente and I am looking forward to what the coming week has to bring. There should be small surf to start the week with a fun little south moving in to cap it off around friday. Take care and have a great week out there!


Fresh from Portugal

Check out these shots our man Nuno just sent over of another member of the Portuguese cell tearing it up on their Aviso! This is our friend Jose Cabrita on his 6`0 Cole Aviso Diamond Tail…


Shots of the MNR in action!

Here are a few shots from down the trail of the Canvas Aviso MNR`s in action. The weekend is here and although the waves should be small the water is hovering around 70 degrees so pull out your trunks and enjoy it. Please check back soon for more and have a great day!



Aviso Mini Noseriders at Trestles!

Naki just came into town and we had the chance to run down to Trestles with the 5`12 and 6`12 Aviso Mini Noseriders by Canvas. The waves were small but perfect for the MNR. You can catch pretty much any bump that comes through and have a bit more high performance than you would with a traditional longboard. Check back tomorrow for some shots of everyone in action…


Aviso and LunaSurf team up!

You can now get the finest surfboards on the market from our good friends over at LunaSurf!  Check them out online here and also check out the epic quote below from the man himself…

You don’t want to be spending months camped out waiting for the perfect day on a spot, and then when ‘your dream day’ rolls around not have the perfect board or any boards left at all for it. I have seen people go through their entire quiver in a single morning and have to leave the waves of their life/go home because of it. You do not want to be that guy! It really is worth having an Aviso in your quiver for peace of mind and performance. My Jeff ‘Doc’ Lausch 5’11 and 6’1 Aviso Surfboards are 4years old now and remarkably they still don’t have a single ding on them!” – Ian Battrick


Another member of the family…

Hey Aviso Surfboards,

Just got back from Peru. I was able to score Chicama, the world’s longest
left-hand point break, with a fun-sized swell.

My carbon fiber board worked like a charm; here are a few pictures of some
of my waves down there.

Thank you for this board, and thank you for making a product that will hold
up against the ravages of travel.

At the top of this point break is a pretty nasty set of rocks, and on one of
the days I paddled out from behind the point as usual. The currents were
running a lot stronger than before and I quickly got swept into a really bad
spot with barnacled rocks all over the place. There were deep trenches
between the rocks and I was being hit by 5 foot waves. The water was
swirling me through the trenches and then holding me underwater against the
rocks. I had to climb the barnacles to get out from under the water, and
then another wave would hit and throw me back into the trench and against
more rocks.

I eventually got out of it, and after the worst situation I’ve ever
encountered in the ocean, battered against a terrible set of sharp rocks,
the board has only a minor scratch.

I showed this to the other surfers, and they couldn’t believe it. I was
bleeding all over the place from huge scratches on my arms and face, had
bruises all over, and yet my board was almost totally undamaged. If I had
taken a fiberglass board it would have literally snapped in two.

Thank you so much for making a product that I can feel confident will
survive the punishment of traveling to a strange new waves and learning it’s
moods. Surfing is a tough endeavor and the ocean is a dangerous place. I
feel confident when I’m paddling out for the first time that my board will
survive no matter what idiocy I put it through.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

John Stead


Small waves today

The waves were small around Southern California today, but it was a beautiful day and perfect for the new Canvas Aviso MNR! Right now I have been playing around with both the 5`12 and the 6`12, both of   which are incredible boards. We should have a little bump of swell middle of the week so keep your eyes peeled..