More fun on the 5`12 Aviso!

Got back in the water today on the new 5`12 Canvas Aviso! This board is an absolute wave magnet, and catches any little bump that comes through, without sacrificing too much performance.  Looks like we should have some fun little surf for the next few days so please check back tomorrow for more…


Random Aviso sightings

Here are a couple random Aviso sightings for this fine Tuesday afternoon here in the San Clemente. Looks like we should be seeing a fun little run of southwest groundswell and northwest windswell over the next few days. I cant wait, it should be nice and peaky at the beaches in town!

Sea Walk sliding on his 10`0 Aviso up in Canada

Christians twin over in Oz on the 5`0 Aviso

6`1 Doc Aviso sighting in Indo


Phil Goodrich in Indo

Our man Phil Goodrich is back over in Indo as I type this, most likely getting tubed out of his mind. He has his trusty 6`1 JJ Aviso with him as well as a 6`3 Doc Aviso that I dropped with him last week before I got sick. Should have some fresh shots coming our way soon, but here is a shot from last season for now…


Naki on his Fireblade

Love this shot of my friend Naki on his 5`5 Aviso Fireblade designed by Cole! Check back tomorrow for more and Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there, none of us would be here without you…


The Portuguese cell representing!

Here are a couple random shots of a few members of the Portuguese cell. Get ahold of my friend Nuno over at Janga for all your Aviso needs in Portugal, and check out his mental new line of suits that he has been developing…


Aviso in Japan

Here is a quick shot Cole, Naki and I in the Apple Store in Ginza at the end of last year as well as a shot of the new NakiSurf store in Chiba.  Check back tomorrow for more and have a great weekend out there!


Hayato shacked on his Aviso Fireblade

Check out this mental shot of NakiSurf rider Hayato Maki getting a sick shack on his 5`5 Aviso Fireblade designed by Cole here in San Clemente. Personally I have the 5`9 Aviso Fireblade and I love it…


Back in action again….

Well I was man down there for a few days but I am back in action again now. I ended up getting super sick a was forced to take a little vacation at the hospital for a few days. Anyway like I said I am back and looking forward to bitchin things to come. Here is a quick shot of Battrick’s quiver complete with his trusty 6’1 and 5’11 Doc Aviso’s! Be back with more soon…


The week in review…

What a week it has been here in California. A week of amazing weather and fun surf during the day followed by fun nights and good friends.  Christian Wach and I had a chance to shoot a little on the 5`12 Canvas Aviso and I just had the first 6`12 delivered to my house today.


Also I had the chance to stop by one of the most amazing restaurants as well,  called Cafe Hiro up in Cypress. Naki actually turned me on to this place, it is where he met Taro who manages the NakiSurf operation here in California and was kind enough to make a reservation for me.

Hidden secret

Master Chef Hiro

Master Chef Hiro

Loving my Uni Spaghetti

I then got to meet up with my frien Phil Goodrich to make sure he had boards for Indo and he was kind enough to give me some prints of his artwork. He paints the most amazing portraits, check him out on facebook if you want any work done.

Phil off to Indo

To top it off I received a package from my good friend Nuno in Portugal with some new Janga gear and a mental new wetsuit! I am so stoked on the suit, it is so comfortable it blows my old suit away.

Thanks Janga!

After such an amazing week it was with heavy hearts we learned of the passing of SC native Jeff “Ox” Kargola. I guess God needed you more than we did my friend…

Jeff Kargola

Free as a bird