5`5 Aviso RNF in the tube

I ran into my friend Ian Powell today and grabbed a few shots of him on his 5`5 Aviso RNF deep down in Mexico. He has a bunch of crazy ones that I cant run here without permission first, but here is an insane sequence that his girlfriend Ali took for now. Santa Ana conditions return here in Southern California tomorrow just in time for the next little swell. Got to love it when that happens, should be offshore the next few mornings…


Picture Perfect

Today was another picture perfect day here in Southern California and there were some fun little waves if you had the right board. That is the benefit of having an extensive quiver, you can usually find something fun to suit the conditions. Tomorrow should be a little smaller but it could bump back up mid week. Stay loose out there and have a great week!

Christian Wach going vertical on the Grasshopper


More shots of Christian at Church

Here are some more shots of Christian on the Grasshopper at Church.  Just watched the Packers beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl, actually turned out to be quite a good game. Glad the California boy Rogers ended up pulling it out in the end. Also today would have been Robert Nesta Marley`s sixty sixth, happy birthday my friend…

Sliding off the top

Cracking the lip

High speed slash


Christian Wach on Aviso Grasshopper

As promised, here are some of the shots of Christian Wach riding the new 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper down at Church yesterday. The kid is such a natural that even though it was his first time riding the board we got a few really nice pictures. Cant wait to see what the second session brings…

The Natural

Love this turn, sick style

Fly young grasshopper!

Swooping turn in perfect form


Church with Christian

I went down to Church today with Christian Wach and got a few sick shots of him riding the new Aviso Grasshopper.  Even though today was his first time riding the board he was surfing amazing on it. It just goes to show what a user friendly board the Grasshopper model is, and what a talented surfer Sea Walk is.  Next week we are going to try and get together to get a couple clips so we should have some footage up soon. Check back tomorrow for the shots once I have a chance to download everything but here is a little teaser…

Christian Wach with the 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper designed by Cole

Church through a chain link fence


Slab Happy

I love this picture of Ian Battrick pulling in on his Doc Aviso somewhere on the other side of the pond. Check out that reef waiting for Ian if he makes any wrong moves…

Look for Ian in the upcoming movie Cold Thoughts, and in the book Numb


Filling in tomorrow

Swell should be filling in tomorrow in Southern California and will be accompanied by Santa Ana winds! Look for most spots to be better later in the day with the super high tide in the morning. Get your work done early and get on it…

Cody boosting on his Aviso!


Keep on Moving

Another one of my all time favorite shots. Christian Wach with the 5`0  Aviso BD3 by Cole on his back in Norway. I can not believe that the first month of 2011 is in the books already. New swells fills in Thursday, things are looking good…

Photo by Yazzy