Ian Battrick in the Pacific Northwest

Here are the rest of those shots that I promised of Ian Battrick way up North somewhere in Canada. From the pictures I have seen and the stories I have heard from Ian it must have been an absolutely surreal experience. Bears raiding the camp. Panthers stalking the beaches. In what might as well have been an episode of survivor, Ian got dropped off with Timmy Turner and photographer Tim Nunn way up in the Pacific Northwest and camped out for a month, stalking his own prey of sorts, which he appears to have found and conquered. Back with more soon and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Turner production titled Cold Thoughts featuring footage from the trip…


Peaky wedges around town

There were some fun, wedging peaks around town today. It felt great to get in the water before the next round of storms comes through over the weekend. Got to run but check back tomorrow for more!



Ian Battrick and LunaSurf

Check out our man Ian Battrick`s new online surf shop LunaSurf when you get a minute.  I will be back with more on it soon as well as some cool shots Ian sent me from his trip to Canada but for now check out this shot of him at Kandui riding his 6`1 Doc Aviso…

This is the poster in the new copy of Wavelength. Congratulations on the 200th issue!!


Naki on the 9`8 Infinity

Naki is in town for a few days and joined us down at San-O for a bit to try out some Canvas boards and hopped on my 9`8 Aviso Infinity SUP for a bit. The board is so fun, it is an easy board to standup paddle on and a great board for just cruising on as well. Perfect for beginners too with its lightweight and durability!

NAki and the 9`8 Infinity Aviso (custom art on bottom)

Naki cruising in style

Hanging down at San Onofre


V-Day 2011

Hope you are all channeling your inner Casanova today.  Got to keep it short and sweet  but check back tomorrow for more, there should be some fun surf in the morning…

Sea WAlk


Amazing weekend!

THe weather was absolutely flawless this weekend here in California. We spent the day down at San-O and pulled out the big boards to rip the small surf.  Looks like we are going to get some rain this week but there should be some clean surf if you know where to look. Take care out there!

What a weekend...


Feels like summer

Feels like summer here in San Clemente, all we need is for the water to warm up.  Tomorrow should be another beautiful day so get out there and enjoy it!

Christian on the Aviso Grasshopper!


Naki on the Aviso BD3-b

Check out this shot Naki sent me today of him on the Aviso BD3-b by Cole.  The weather was absolutely beautiful today in San Clemente and there were some some waves down at the points outside of town.  This weekend should be a little smaller but still good conditions before we get some rain next week. Get out there and enjoy it!

Naki on the Aviso BD3-bonzer


ANother 5`5 RNF shot…

Here is another quick shot of my friend Ian on his 5`5 Avsio RNF getting nice and deep on a solid wave down south. Going to go shoot a little in the morning so check back tomorrow for more, conditions should be good.

Ian puts in the work and reaps his reward on his Aviso RNF designed by Mayhem


Tomorrow looking good

Swell fills in tomorrow, strongest in the afternoon. Wind is howling offshore right now and should be blowing pretty strong in the morning. Definitely going to be some waves out there over the next few days…

Christian Wach on our hottest model, the Aviso Grasshopper by Cole