A few shots from Broken Eye

Here are a few shots from the Broken Eye Art Show that took place here in San Clemente over the weekend that were taken by my friend Jon Steele. The event was a huge success, all of the art was sold, and a good time was had by all. Thanks to all of the artists for the eye candy and to Bob for opening his shop to everyone…


Conditions clean up this afternoon

The conditions cleaned up this afternoon and the forecast is looking pretty good for the next few days.  The Broken Eye show went off last night, with tons of insane art and a packed house. I left my camera behind but I will post some shots my friends took later this week. Take care and check back soon!

Afternoon Delight


Broken Eye Art Show Tonight!

Come check out the Broken Eye Art Show tonight here in San Clemente at the Republik of Kalifornia on El Camino Real if you are not doing anything. Art, music and drinks, it should be fun. Im off to get ready so meet me down there!


Weather for the weekend

The weekend is here and so is the rain once again. Snow levels are dropping so go get some turns in on the mountain if you can tomorrow, as waves will be small once again here in Southern California. Sunday is looking like the day, should be wedging out there…

Christian on the 5`1 Aviso BD3 by Cole. Sea Walk is of to NZ and OZ tonight, safe travels my friend!


Frigid weather for California

Here in California we are going to be seeing some of the coldest temperatures this late in the season for at least the last ten years. The arctic jet stream seems to have dropped down and a low pressure system below it is pulling moisture off of the Pacific with means we are going to see snow levels drop across the state, and quite possibly down to near see level as far south as San Francisco. Looks like winter is not done quite yet…

Wach showing off solid form on the often overlooked bottom turn, seen here riding the 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper


Round Nose Fish in Portugal

Check out this shot that our man Nuno over in Portugal posted of the Aviso Round Nose Fish in action. This board is a classic, my quiver would not be complete with out it…

Aviso in Portugal


Clean but small, new board on the way!

Waves were clean this morning but pretty small around town. Tomorrow is looking the same but its still rideable so dust off those long boards and get out there if you can. I cant wait to show you guys the new board we have been working on, it should be coming down pretty soon…

Aviso Round Nose Fish in action


Presidents Day 2011

Today was Presidents Day here in the states, the last day of a big holiday weekend for a lot of people here in the states. Basically a good chance to get out of town for most.  The sun was out but chilly conditions prevailed again here in Southern California.  Surf was kind of small and broken up around town, maybe like waist high or so.  I got in the water this afternoon at San Onofre after the wind got on it a bit but it was still fun. Look for small surf around the region over the next few days but still rideable at least…

Woods with the 6`0 Cole Diamond Tail


Surf cleans up

I am having issues with uploading pictures to the blog today so I am going to keep it short and sweet. The waves cleaned up through the day and there should be some fun little swell left in the water for Presidents Day tomorrow. Get out there and enjoy it!


Rainy weather continues…

The rain continued on and off today here in San Clemente but it gave me a chance to catch up on a few things around the house. It is going to be a big couple weeks coming up, we just might have a few new models coming out soon. Here is a quick shot from Portugal, hope you are all having a great weekend!

THe only Aviso Grasshopper on European soil makes its way up the beach....