Random Monday

Here are a few random shots to start the week off right. We had a brief storm front pass by hear in Southern California but it looks like we are going to see a warming trend through out the week and next weekend should be amazing!

Devon Tresher on the 5`5 Lost Aviso

Naki on the 5`0 Cole Aviso

Mikey DeTemple on the 10`0 Pearson Aviso


Combo swell for California

There were some fun waves around Southern California today with a nice little combo swell keeping the beaches nice and peaky.  Tomorrow morning should be fun before a little rain fills in later in the day. Here in another little shot from a few days back to get us threw the storm…

All the little nooks and crannies have been amazing after all the recent rain


Classic California

This morning saw classic conditions here in Southern California. Once again offshore winds combed perfect peaks up and down the beaches. Here is a quick picture I took late morning at the beach breaks in town before the wind changed direction…

Sick wedge down the beach


On the Road with Naki

Our good friend Naki has been on the road as usual, and just got back from touring with Donavon in Japan.  Here are a couple shots of Naki on some sick left in Japan last week riding his trusty 5`0 Aviso Cole BD3.

What a beautiful looking wave

Naki on the 5`0 Aviso Cole BD3s


The Santa Ana winds are swirling as I type this, looks like its going to be offshore again in the morning and there should be another decent swell filling in as well.  Plan your day accordingly and have fun out there!

Lets see what tomorrow brings


Morning Glory

This is the time of year that we wait for here in California.  Sometimes we wait all year and it never comes. However the last few weeks we have had the most amazing combination of Santa Ana conditions and swell. The result is perfection up and down the coast, along with thousands of surfers with sore arms and smiles.  If you missed it do not worry though, I hear there is more on the way…

Morning offshores working magic


Another beautiful California day!

Today was going off again early down south with offshore winds and solid head high surf.   California has been blessed lately with an amazing run of swell and I am so grateful to have been here for it.  Here are a few more examples of why…

I wonder what that guy is looking at

The lighting was insane

The swell reaching its final destination, somewhere in California


Good waves down south today!

The swell was not really hitting in San Clemente today so I headed south early and ended up getting some really good waves down in Oceanside. It was howling offshore when we got there and sets were breaking in the 6 foot range.  I rode my Grasshopper once again and it was working great, even on the bigger sets that came through. Cant wait to get on it again tomorrow…

Oceanside Harbor

What a way to end the weekend

Loving my Aviso Grasshopper

Cold water, fun waves

5`7 Aviso Grasshopper

South Jetty racetrack


Aviso Grasshopper lands in Portugal!

Here are a few shots of our friend Nuno over in Portugal with his new 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper by Cole. Nuno and I both are in agreement that this is perhaps the best Aviso that we have made to date. It is such a fun board, just the perfect hybrid of your shortboard and fish. I will be back with more tomorrow.  Thanks for checking in , have a great day!

Nuno with his new Aviso Grasshopper

Nuno putting his new Grasshopper to work! It is great to see the waves going off in Europe as well...


Weekend is here, waves on the way!

The waves were small here in town today compared to the last few days but there were still some waves to be had. Not to worry though, the weekend in finally here and there should be more swell filling in as I write this.  The tides are still pretty high in the late mornings so get on it early or wait until the tide drains out a bit. Take care and have fun out there!

Lets hope the beaches look like this tomorrow


Conditions clean up again as swell continues, loving the Grasshopper!

The conditions cleaned up here in town as the swell continued through out the day.  After starting out a bit slow with the extreme high tide this morning, the waves really cleaned up around midday before bottoming out in the late afternoon at a negative tide. I have been riding the new Aviso Grasshopper designed by Cole all week and I have fallen in love with this board. It might be my favorite board that I have ridden. I want to try it with some different fins and will be back with more on my favorite setups soon. Thanks for checking in, take care!

Morning on the tracks

High tide early

Salt Creek draining out fast

Caught inside!

Another crowded California winter

Back in SC

Another empty barrel

This is why we love winter

Classic California

The Aviso Grasshopper