Naki on his faithful 5`0

Here are a few more shots of Naki riding his 5`o Cole Aviso over in Hawaii last week. Naki has been riding this board for a few years now. It has been through countless sessions, and still feels alive with hardly even a pressure ding on it. He told me a few days ago that it is the board he compares all other boards to, which is a huge compliment…

What a beautiful wave!

Naki ready for the drop

Styling on the 5`0 Cole Aviso

Naki with the magic stick


Aviso in the new Surfers Path

We just recieved a copy of the new Surfers Path the other day and were  so stoked to see all the shots of Phil Goodrich and Ian Battrick riding their Aviso Surfboards inside!  Phil got a huge profile on his art and Indo missions and Ian got a couple shots from Kandui in another article as well. Great work boys, and a special thanks to Alex over at The Surfers Path…

The Surfers Path

A Hollow Surf Obsession!

How stoked would you be paddeling out to that empty left...

Phil dropping in at "Durian Point"

Phil in the zone on his 6`1 Jeff Johnston Aviso

Phil with a filthy barrel sequence on the left

Stalling for another perfect tube...

Alone again, somewhere in Sumatra

Here is Ian Battrick on a meaty one at Kandui on his 6`1 Doc Aviso

Ian on a crazy one. He did not make it but by the time this shot was taken he had already made it through three or four sections like this..

Thanks for your time, hope you all are having a great start to your week!  Check out the meteor shower going on right now in the Gemini constellation if you are up late tonight. It peaked last night but still should be putting on a show for the next few days…


Jun Bug killing it on the 5`2 BD3!

Check out these shots of our good friend and NakiSurf team rider Jun killing it on his 5`2 Aviso BD3 by Cole.  Jun is and amazing person as well as a great surfer. He absolutely shreds on just about any type of surfboard, which I truly respect. On both of my trips to Japan he was a blast to hang out with, I hope I can return the favor next time he comes to California…

Yeah Jun!

5`2 Aviso BD3 by Cole in action

Beautiful lighting, looks fun!

Jun braving the chilly Japanese winter with his 5`2 Cole Aviso!


More from Cole`s shop

Here are a few more shots from down at Cole`s shop in San Clemente, CA. I went down to Cole`s shop the other day to drop off one of his new 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper`s and to get caught up with everyone . It turns out my timing could not have been any better, as soon as I walked up I see Christian Wach headed there as well. I finally had a chance to show him the new Grasshopper and he was very impressed!   

Christain Wach with the new 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper

 It was the first time I have had a chance to show the board to Cole`s shop manager Robo as well, and he was extremely excited about how well the board turned out!  I think it is one of our best models to date. It really turned out amazing, Cole was very  impressed by the fine quality of the craftsmenship.

Robo dream surfing a wave on his 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper...

Christian checking the Grasshopper with Robo hard at work.

The Dude with his creation

It is always a pleasure to get to hang out with Cole and Robo for a while and absorb some knowledge from the master.  Having Christian there as well was truly an added bonus. He is really a great guy with good energy. Our good friend Taro from Nakisurf even showed up towards the end and joined in.  Definitely a good day in Southern California!

Christian greeting our friend Taro!

The new Aviso Grasshopper by Cole

Hope you  all are having a wonderful weekend. Only 19 days left in 2010, get out there and make them count!


Hanging with the boys at Cole`s

Had a chance to hang out with a bunch of the boys down at Cole`s and talk shop for a bit. It was great to finally get a chance to get caught up with everyone. I will be back tomorrow with some more shots but here is a quick one courtesy of Taro over at NakiSurf…

Cole`s shop in San Clemente


You cant fight the youth my friend…

One thing that I have learned over the last year is that I am not getting any younger.  It reminds me that I need to live each and every day like it could be my last, because you never know when it is.  It feels like just yesterday that I was as young as Noah and Jaden here…

Getting ready to paddle out

Jaden on the 5`0 Aviso BD3

Stoked on life!


Shane Gaalaas riding Aviso!

Here are a couple shots from our friend Naki of rock star drummer Shane Gaalaas riding the Jeff Johnston Rocket Fish in Aviso Technology!  Shane has quite an illustrious career spaning the last two decades, and has played for more amazing musicians than I can even name.  If you have a minute, go check out his website, you will be amazed.  Shane was visiting Naki over in Hawaii last week, and was loving the Aviso Rocket Fish! Check back soon for more, and have a great day!

Shane and Naki`s son Noah

Shane and Naki

Shane hitting it backside on his Aviso Rocket Fish!

Paddeling across the bay....

So beautiful.... Thanks Naki!


The Dog Days Are Over….

Here is a song from Florence and the Machine that has been blowing up lately. I cant seem to get it out of my head so I thought I would drag all of you down with me. Check it out and see what you think. Also if you have a minute go check out the AI tribute from Surfers Poll the other night. This song is featured at the beginning and it is definitely worth the view…


Naki in Chiba with Aviso

Here is another quick little video of Naki with his 5`0 Aviso BD3 designed by Cole. These clips were shot is Chiba, Japan. Chiba is kind of like the San Clemente of Japan if you will. It has a vibrant surf scene, and some really fun waves when the swell is right….


Gary Propper Aviso

Check out the sick design on this Gary Propper Aviso  by Tim Bessell down in La Jolla.  I love this light blue gloss finish, looks amazing. Hope you all had a great weekend, check back tomorrow for more, I hear there might be some little waves in the morning…

Aviso at the Huntington Beach pier