Donavon on the 5`5 Aviso New Toy!

Here are a few shots Naki snapped off the other day when he was hanging out with Donavon and the rest of the Frankenreiter clan. Donavon is riding the 5`5 Aviso New Toy designed by Doc with a white deck inlay.  Thanks for the shots Naki!

Donavon enjoying the holidays on the 5`5 Doc Aviso!

Sick rock n roll floater

Donavons son Hendrix showing us some things are genetic

Donavon and his son Hendrix hanging out in Hanalei


Phil in Nias 2010

Here is some footage from our man Phil Goodrich`s annual pilgrimage to Nias. Phil spends more time in the tube there on his Aviso each season than most do in a lifetime!  Definitely a trip that I would love to make someday. Have a great start to your last week of 2010 and check back tomorrow for more…


Christmas is almost here already!

I can not believe that it is almost Christmas here in California! It came up quicker than ever this year, but I cant wait to hang out with the family and hopefully surf if there are some waves and the water is not too dirty.  Hope you all have a great day, have a great Christmas!

Hopefully Santa will bring you a new Aviso BD3 this year!


Muddy Waters in Cali

After the torrential downpours that we experienced the last few days out here on the west coast the clouds finally began to part and revealed a few muddy, brown barrels at the local beachbreaks. Here are a couple pictures that I took down at San Clemente Pier this morning…

Water was suspect but waves were wedging

South side of the pier looking fun

Quick shot of espresso to really get me going!


CJ Nelson on his 10`0 Aviso

Here is the shot that we used as an ad last year of CJ Nelson hanging heel on his 10`o Aviso Signature Model Aviso shaped by Bob Pearson.  Another one of my all time favorite shots… Photo by Klopf

CJ Nelson on the 10`0 Aviso


All Time Session on the Perfect Day

You know those sessions that are so amazing, even as they are happening you already know that you will remember it for the rest of your life?  Last year I was lucky enough to have one of those sessions with a few of my good friends out and nobody else. Each day that goes by I realize how special days like that really are.  Get out there and create some memories this coming year that will last you a lifetime…

The 5`5 Aviso RNF in action down south

The Perfect Day


The Aviso Rocketfish by Jeff Johnston!

The Aviso Rocketfish by Jeff Johnston is another excellent fish in the Aviso lineup.  This board ranges in size from a 5`9 all the way up to a 6`6, and is a favorite of many people I know, including Aviso president John Omohundro. Here are a couple of quick shots , check back tomorrow for more…

Our friend Rod Parmenter flew down to Cabo last week with his 6`6 Aviso Rocketfish

John styling on the 6`2 Rocketfish in El Salvador

Shane Gaalaas in Hawaii with the 6`6 Aviso Rocketfish shaped by Jeff Johnston. Beautiful photo by Naki...


Nate Yeomans on his Rusty Aviso!

Here are a few shots I just came across of Nate Yeomans riding his 6`0 Rusty Kompressor in Aviso Technology.  The Kompressor is a sick shortboard/fish hybrid that should be ridden a few inches shorter than your standard shortboard. There are currently four sizes available in our carbon fiber technology, ranging in size from 5`10 up to a 6`4.  Check out these shots from Jason Kenworthy of Nate riding his Kompressor down at Creek…

NAte Yeomans about to unleash on an unsuspecting section

Giant blowtail courtesy of Nate and his Aviso

Airing it out

When the water is cold, Nate spends his time in the air

Nate looking for a soft landing

Yeomans with the 6`0 Rusty Aviso Kompressor

Thanks for checking out the blog. Hope you all had a great weekend! It has been pouring rain for the last few days here in Southern California but there should be surf tomorrow  if the weather clears up. Take care and check back tomorrow for more…


The Trunkboard gets around…

The Aviso Trunkboard has got to be the best possible surfboard to travel with that I have ever seen. Maybe thats why it seems to get around so much.  It is such a versatile board, that can be ridden in such varied conditions, that it is hard for me to put into words.  The combination of its cutting edge design, and futuristic construction make for a board that fits anywhere, perfroms amazing, and will do so for a very long time…

Christian with his Aviso Trunkboard in Norway! Photo by Yazzy

One of my all time favorite shots. I love the contrast... Photo by Yazzy

5`0 Aviso stuck in the snow. Photo by Wach

The 5`1 Aviso Trunkboard at Rincon. Hartman Photo

Three sizes currently available to choose from...


The 10`0 CJ Nelson Aviso Noserider

This board might just be the best noserider in the whole world. I know that is a bold claim but I am just repeating what I have heard from Christian, CJ, Mikey, Jun and a bunch of other guys that ride the tip for a living.  Here are a few shots…

Jun with the 10`0 CJ Nelson Aviso

On the tip in Japan

Christian does this stuff in his sleep

He is truly on another level

Mikey in the drivers seat on his CJ Aviso