Sea Walk clip gets over 70,000 views!

I know it has been up here before but check out this video I made of Christian Wach riding his 5`0 Aviso BD3 designed by Cole down at Lowers. Link it to your blogs out there, lets get this thing up to 100,000!


Ian Battrick stops by….

Had the chance to hang out with our mate Ian Battrick for a bit today before he is back off to the UK at the end of the week. Ian is such an easy going guy, it was a pleasure to get to hang out and go visit our friend Taro up at NakiSurf.  It always cracks me up when such a hard charging surfer is such an easy going individual on land. It just goes to show how stereotypes were made to be broken…

Ian with his trusty 6`1 Aviso designed by Doc

Taro checking out the board that has landed Ian three covers in the last year!

Ian and Taro at the NakiSurf shop...

Ian on the cover of Wavelength riding his 6`1 Aviso!


10`0 CJ Nelson Aviso

Here is a shot I dug up of Christian Wach getting a filthy pit on his 10`0 CJ Nelson model Aviso designed by Bob Pearson at Noosa last year…  Have a great weekend!

Sea Walk on his 10`0 Aviso!


More waves up and down the coast

Another solid round of swell pounded the California coast over the last few days. Orange County saw a majority of the swell blocked due to the steep angle, but there were still some really good waves out there to be had. Combine that with Santa Ana conditions as well as temperatures in the mid eighties at the beach and you have another picture perfect  day in Southern California. Here are a few shots I took this afternoon deep in the heart of the OC…

I`ll go right, you can go left

The lonesome crowded west...

This is fall in California

I love this time of year!

Another beautiful day....


A sad day for surfing… RIP Andy Irons

The surfing world suffered a huge loss yesterday as I am sure many of you already know. Andy was a very special person and our hearts go out to his family for thier profound loss. God bless Andy, you will be sorely missed…