Naki playing around with the Aviso BD3b

Here is a fun little video I came across of Naki playing around with the different setups that are possible with the new Aviso BD3 bonzer designed by Cole. You can ride it with just bonzer fins, a sinlge fin, twin fin, or even as a thruster if you have a single fin box adapter for the middle fin. Find out your favorite way to ride the BD3 today!


Aviso Fireblade by Cole

The Aviso Fireblade by Cole is another model that is pushing the limits of design and performance. The board is one of the fastest models I have ridden, and absolutely flies over and around sections. It especially seems to love point breaks from what I have noticed.  Try one out today and see for yourself!

Christian Wach on the 5`5 Fireblade at Lowers

Naki on his 5`5 Aviso Fireblade in North Hawaii

Here I am on my 5`9 Aviso Fireblade down at Uppers

This new double-bat tail was made to slice and and dice waves into submission


Andy with his 5`5 Aviso

I have been meaning to put this shot up of Andy Irons with his 5`5 Aviso RNF shaped by Mayhem. Our hearts still go out to all his family and friends. Be thankful for what you have each and every day, you never know when it could all be taken away. Take care out there…



5`1 Aviso BD3 by Cole!

I love this shot of Christian Wach riding his 5`1 Aviso BD3 by Cole over in Japan! The BD3 has started a revolution, see what all the excitement is about today…

5`1 Aviso BD3!


In need of a New Toy?

If you are looking for a new toy to get you through the winter check out the Aviso New Toy designed by Doc! Its wide, stubby outline allows it to be ridden 4-6 inches shorter than your average shortboard. Currenty avalable in a 5`5 and 5`9,  I would recomend the 5`5 for surfers under 175lbs and the 5`9 for surfers under 200lbs depending on skill level…

5`9 Aviso New Toy by Doc

Donavon on his 5`9 Aviso by Doc


A few of my favorite things

Once again, here are a few of my favorite things. The first board is the 5`1 Aviso BD3 by Cole which has turned out to be our best selling model to date. The second board is the all new  5`7 Aviso Grasshopper by Cole, which is the current top seller…

Best selling Aviso model of all time

The all new Aviso Grasshopper. Order yours today...


Prints from Ian Battrick

RS dropped by earlier with a couple of signed prints from our man Ian Battrick.  Check out what Ian had to say about his 6`1 Doc Aviso in the last shot…

RS with a rad lifestyle shot of Ian and Timmy Turner

This shot is so sick.... Slab hunting in Scotland. Photo by Tim Nunn

I could not have said it better myself....


5 years already for Nakisurf…

I cant believe its been 5 years already but  congratulations and keep up the insane work! Everyone check out the 5 year anniversary sale going on now. Perfect chance to get 5% off on those big ticket items before the holidays…

5 year campaign


Phil`s 6`2 Doc Aviso!

How sick is this warrior dude Phil Goodrich painted on his 6`2 Doc Aviso! Phil is such a talented artist and surfer, it is a pleasure to have had the chance to get to know him over the last few years. Special thanks to Dave Woods for sending this shot over earlier…




Back again…..

Sorry the blog was down for a few days, I ended up getting super sick out of nowhere last week and spent the last few days in the hospital. I will be back with a bunch more soon, but for now here is a sick shot of Sea Walk getting a filthy pit on his 10`0 CJ Nelson model Aviso at the Noosa contest last year…