Clouds part for Doc`s Ultra Madd!

The Doc Ultra Madd went down in fine fashion yesterday  in Huntington Beach, Cafifornia! Despite some morning showers, there was a large crowd on hand to watch everyone battle it out in consistent 3-4 foot surf.  Here are a few shots I took along the way, hope you all have a great Halloween!!

Doc Ultra Madd surf contest!

The clouds parted and the people came!

The wind came up a little but it was still super fun

Doc checking out his 5`5 Aviso with our friend Taro

5`5 Aviso New Toy designed by Doc!

Lots of different shapes on hand

5`5 Aviso New Toy getting plenty of attention

5`9 Aviso New Toy by Doc

RS going over board design with youngg Tyler Gunther

Some groms checking out the Aviso New Toy!

Another contestant on the 5`9 Aviso New Toy!

Another contestant on the 5`9 Aviso New Toy!

5`5 Aviso New Toy with white deck inlay

Channel bottom on the 5`5

Out there!

Doc and Taro

More waves on the way this week!


Doc Ultra Madd this Saturday!

Stop by the the Doc Ultra Madd surf contest down at Goldenwest in HB tomorrow morning. We will have a couple of Doc New Toy`s in Aviso Technology on hand and hopefully there will be some waves.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Dereck Bockleman on the 5`9 Aviso New Toy by Doc


Another day in paradise…

Days like this make me so thankful to live near the beach here in Southern California! We were blessed once again with off-shore santa ana winds, waist to head high surf and air temps in the mid seventies at the beaches.

Here are a couple of pictures I snapped off real quick down at one of the beachbreaks here in town.  Later I decided to take out this water housing I have for my little canon G10 and snap a few shots. Here are a couple of those shots as well. I cant wait to give it another go…

Super fun looking little right

Liiite left wedge with no one out

Land shark!

Another beautiful day!

I see a little tunnel down there...


The light today was just amazing..


Fun waves, great conditions!

There are some fun little waves out there right now, and this morning saw amazing conditions with light off-shore winds!  The sun is out and it shuld be fun as the tide drops so go get on it if you can…

October is winding down already....

It was kind of high tide in this shot but still wedging!

Little racer down the beach...

Our little slice of paradise

Man`s two best friends...


Naki riding Aviso in Japan

Here are a few quick shots I pulled of Naki`s blog. All shots taken down in the southern islands of Japan except the first one , which is Chiba I think…

This was`shot in Chiba I think...

Naki with trusty 5`0 BD3

Stylin` on the new Aviso Grasshopper!

Naki and his entourage

Sunset on Amami


Phil “The Guru” Goodrich

Here are the rest of the shots of our man Phil Goodrich that I meant to put up yesterday. Hope you are all having a great weekend!

The Guru

Pulling in on a solid one

Sick angle from the channel

Another sick angle from the reef

What a beautiful wave...

Style off the top


More shots of Mr. Goodrich on Aviso

I have another sick round of shots from our man Phil Goodrich`s latest season in Indo that I have been meaning to get up.  Here is a little teaser, be back with more tomorrow…

Phil in his happy place


Studio shots of the first Grasshopper

Here are the stdio shots that Taro was kind enough to take of the first 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper right before I took it over to Japan last week…

The 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper by Cole

The 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper by Cole

The shorter, wider version of the world famous Firefly

Double wing bat for more holding power through your turns

Designed by Cole Simler down on the Blvd of Broken Dreams here in SC

Aviso Grasshopper shown here with Ratio Fins


Light years ahead of its time, officially introducing the all new Aviso Grasshopper by Cole!


Flight of the Grasshopper

The 5`7 Aviso Grasshopper saw its first few days in action this past week over in Japan courtesy of Mr. Funaki and the NakiSurf crew. Here are a few shots I pulled of Naki`s blog…

Maiden Voyage

Naki dropping in

Speed and Flow

Naki with the layback slash


Benifits of working for Naki include: riding the only Aviso Grasshopper in the world!

5`7 Aviso Grasshopper!

Quad, Thruster or Twin.... The only limits are your imagination!