Amazing weather, fun waves in California!

This past week in Southern California we have been blessed to have amazing weather that set heat records up and down the coast, as well as  a few fun little combo swells.  It feels like we are having our first real taste of summer, and even though tomorrow is the first day of October, I will take it. There is nothing quite like an Indian Summer, when the kids are back in school and lineups have thinned out a little from the traditional summer months. Lets hope it lasts my friends. Here are a few quick shots from down at the beaches here in town…

BD3 @ Rivi

Combo swell....

The golden hour

Indian Summer


A few more from Lowers…

Here are a few more shots from down at the Hurley Lowers Pro over the weekend. I have not gone through all of them yet, but here is another little sample of some of the standout surfers of the event. All photos taken with my Canon 7d…

Dane, so hot right now, Dane

Jadson kept pulling out big moves like this on the left but failed to advance to the fianl day

Bede airing it out in the final against Kelly

Jordy landed this but broke his board, possibly costing him a spot in the final

Kolohe Andino carrying the torch for San Clemente into the future...

Pat Gudang, another SC local taking his shot at the tour

Here is that Dane guy again, clicking one on the inside section

Modern collective meets the Lowers Pro. Jordy Smith in flight...

Kelly Slater minutes away from $105,000US and the top spot on tour...

Ladies love Kelly Slater


Slater wins Hurley Pro in San Clemente

I am sure you have all heard by now,  Kelly Slater was back in form this past weekend and won the Hurley Pro at Lowers in amazing surf.  My friends and I agreed that it was some of, if not the best Lowers we had ever see. Since we all grew up here, hopefully that means something, but probably not. Still, I cant remember when the last time was I saw people getting legitamately barreled out there. Slater`s tube in the final was one of the coolest things I have ever seen live. Here are a couple quick shots I took with my new 7d. I cant wait to put this thing to serious use…

Empty Lowers

Slater slashing his way to victory in the final

Slater riding the Aviso BD3 in Florida... Go champ!


Naki rocking the BD3 with single trailer!

So our man Naki has been riding his BD3 lately over in Hawaii with only the rear trailer fin in it and said he had some of he funnest sessions ever on his trunkboard! It was hard for me to believe at first, but he told me the surf has been kind of small so he just went our to mess around as was completely blown away. You have to have an open mind, but if you have a chance, try it out without expectation and you might be suprised at what you feel…

Naki and Aviso BD3 with rear trailer only!


Phil`s back from Indo*

Our man Phil Goodrich is back from his annual pilgramage to Indo and and a bunch of insane photos are starting to come in.  I will be back with a bunch more soon once I get the ok to post them but here are a few shots that Nakisurf team rider Hayato took during his trip to HT`s…

Phil Goodrich completely shacked


Aviso in Mens Running

This shot of Ian riding his 6`1 Doc Aviso has been showing up everywhere over the last few months, most recently in the UK mag Mens Running. This is definitely one of my all time favorite shots of Ian, taken at a secret slab over in Scotland…

Mens Running

Ian Battrick, 6`1 Doc Aviso Pro II


Jun on the nose

Here is Jun on his 10`0 Cj Nelson Aviso designed by Bob Pearson. Jun is the man, I met him a few years back when I was in Japan and was blown away by what a cool and charismatic individual he is. Great to see him killing it on his Aviso!

Jun on the tip of his 10`0 Aviso!


Aviso in Hawaii

Here are a few shots I grabbed off of Naki`s blog today. Cant believe it is the 1st already, my how time flies.The south swells that have been pounding the coast the last week or so have fully subsided here in San Clemente.  Lets hope there is more on the way soon.  Stay loose out there…

Naki with his 5`0 BD3

5`5 Fireblade!

7`6 JJ Tanker Chaser!

5`0 BD3!