Battrick in the barrel

I love this shot of Ian Battrick getting barreled out of his mind in France… He just looks so damn comfortable in the tube on his Aviso!

Ian looking at home in the tube


Old Faithful

I love it when I see shots on Naki`s blog of him riding his trusty 5`0 Aviso BD3 by Cole.  It is nice to see a surfboard stand the test of time and still perform at the highest level. That is the key part of Aviso Technology, performance that lasts!



Faithful 5`0


You cant fight the youth

Every time I turn around there seems to be a new prodigy out there who is pushing the limits of his or her sport like never before. Eli Logosz could be next. Here is a shot of him on the 5`5 Doc aviso with a 1 meter kite up in Oregon. By the way, he is 2 and 1/2 years old!

Go Eli!


Blue Steel in Tahoe

I have been out in Tahoe all week working on a few things at the shop and have not had any time to update the blog. Be back in action again this next week so please keep checking back. For now here is a quick shot of our man Tommy Lloy giving us his best Blue Steel out in front of the factory with the 5`2 Aviso BD3…

Tommy Boy


Aviso on Batty`s Blog

Ian just posted a bunch of insane barrel shots on his blog of him riding his 6`1 Doc Aviso over in Indo that you all have to go check out.  Here are a few shots I grabbed as a little teaser, but go to Ian`s Blog to see the rest, you will be stoked….

Ian under the Rainbow Curtain

Sometimes you have to pay the piper. Ian coughing up blood after a thorough flogging...

Batty`s quiver... The 6`1 Aviso on the far right has graced the cover of Wavelength twice in the past year!!

Lightning strike in Indo. I absolutley love this shot!


Cole Grasshopper in Aviso Technolgy coming soon!!!

Yesterday I picked up the plugs for three new Cole Grasshoppers that will be used to design the models in Aviso`s Carbon Fiber Technology.  We will be offering the Grasshopper in three sizes to start (a 5`7, 5`9 and 5`11). It will come with 5 fin boxes allowing you to ride it as a quad or a thruster or even a twin, allowing all sorts of options.

Cole`s most popular model, the Grasshopper!

The Cole Grasshopper is a full outlined, semi-fish version of his world renowned Firefly model. It has  very low entry rocker, and a moderate amount of kick out the tail. The board also features a unique double wing bat tail which allows the board to be wider at the fins for quick acceleration and drive, and then pull in quickly for more holding power on tight turns. This board absolutely flies through and over sections in small to medium size surf. The Grasshopper should probably be ridden around 4-6 inches smaller than your standard shortboard (depending on the surfer).

Robo showing off the double wing bat on the Grasshopper. This was the model Robo was riding all last winter around town.

The first boards should be ready in September. Get your orders in now so you don`t have to wait in line. Email us at info@avisosurf with any questions or contact one of our international distributors and they would be happy to help you out. Have a great day!

Robo holding down the fort at Cole`s shop in San Clemente, CA.


Few more from Indo

Here are a few more shots from Indo that our mate Ian Battrick was kind enough to forward our way earlier today. Always nice to start the week right with something to remind us of what we work for. To make our dreams a reality.  Thanks again Ian!

Batty at Kandui

Ian deep... Real deep!


The crew

Working like clockwork



Fishing in Nicaragua

Here are a couple shots our boy Casey Landvogt sent our way of a couple tiger snapper he caught off his 5`9 Timmy Patterson Aviso.  He paddled out to a spot called Indicater, snagged these beauties, tied them to his Aviso and came back with a nice catch for the crew…

Casey with his Aviso in Nicaragua

Tiger Snapper!