Aviso on the cover again!

Tim Nunn just sent me this cover of the new Wavelength magazine featuring our man Ian Battrick on the cover again riding his Doc Aviso!  Ian has become quite the media darling over in the UK, with this being his third cover shot in the last year or so. I do not have a copy yet but Tim tells me that there are a few more shots of Ian on his Aviso inside the magazine as well. Thanks for keeping me in the loop Tim, and great work yet again!

Batty on the cover riding his 5`11 Doc Aviso! Photo by Nunn


Chucky on the RNF

Here are a couple quick shots of …Lost team rider Chucky getting tubed on his Aviso RNF over the winter. Visit Chucky down at Catalyst surf shop for all your Aviso needs in South OC….

Yeah Chucky!

Nice and deep...

Natural sunblock


Kandui pumps!

Here is another shot of our man Ian Battrick at Kandui on his 5`11 Doc Aviso!  This shot was sent over by Alex Dick-Read from the Surfers Path, who was hanging out with Ian over in Indo over the last few weeks. Thanks Alex!

Batty @ Kandui two weeks back...


Pedro in Portugal

Here are a few shots of Pedro “O” getting tubed on his Cordell Aviso over in Portugal. Pedro is part of the Janga Revolution taking place over in Portuguese waters. Contact Nuno for all your Aviso needs in Portugal, and join the revolution today!

Pedro "O"

Pulling in

Holding the line...



Naki and the BD3 in North Hawaii

Here are a few shots of our man Naki and crew out in Hawaii tearing it up on their Aviso BD3`s designed by Cole Simler in San Clemente, CA.  The BD3 (Trunkboard) is the ultimate summer stick,  and an amazing addition to any quiver. Get one now and you will be enjoying it for years to come…

Yeah Naki!

Layback gouge!

Sick knock-knee snap


All the boys love the BD3!

Backside attack

Showing off the bonzer bottom on the BD3!

North Hawaii

Big or small the BD3 fits. This shot is a little older but so epic!


Mikey DeTemple on his 10`0 Aviso

Here are some shots of our friend Mikey DeTemple riding his 10`0 CJ Nelson Aviso designed by Bob Pearson.  Mikey is an amazing longboarder, and one of Sea Walks good friends from out on the East Coast.  Mikey got turned onto the 10`0 Aviso by Christian after his first year winning at Noosa, and after winning a few contests on the board himself, I think he would agree that it is the BEST noserider in the world!  Mikey is also the creative force behind the Picaresque project, which if you have not had the chance to check out, is definitely worth the view….

Tip Time!

Putting the 10`0 CJ on rail


Contest fun

Mikey standing out from the crowd like usual

This is how you win, by putting it all on the line

Hanging heels

Yeah Mikey!


Captain Burt

So I meant to put this shot up on the 4th but since I was out of commission for a few days there, it never made it up. This is “Captain” Burt Wilkinson riding the 9`0 Jeff Johnston Aviso. I believe this shot was taken at the Crystal Pier in PB and was sent up courtesy of our man DAve Woods down at Rail 2 Rail. Thanks boys…

Captain B


Back in action

So I missed the last few posts after coming down with some weird sickness and being thrown in the hospital for a few days. I am back in action now and should be from here on out.

Here is a quick shot from the East Coast of our man John Perkins riding his trusty old Lost Round Nose Fish in Aviso Technology.  Known as the Short Bus because of its bright yellow color, this board has been ridden hard and put away wet for the last three or four years.  This shot of Perko was taken at the NSB Fish Fry I believe. Check back tomorrow for more…

Perko on his 5`6 Aviso RNF in canary yellow


Batty scores Wavelength cover!

Ian Battrick just sent us a copy of this new Wavelength Magazine that features Ian on the cover riding his 5`11 Doc Aviso!  Ian is over in Indo right now but was kind enough to forward this over to us when he got online for a minute. Thanks again Ian, be safe out there…

Wavelength Photo Annual