Great shot of Naki with his 5`0 Aviso

Love this shot of Naki with his 5`0 Cole Aviso from one of his past trips to the South Islands of Japan. The 5`0 Cole Trunk Board in Aviso Technology is hands down the most travel friendly board on the market today. Get one now and you will be appreciating it for a very long time…


Classic shot on the 5`5 Doc

Check out this shot of my friend Ray killing it on the 5`5 Doc New Toy in Aviso Technology down at Lowers. I had been hearing rumors of Ray tearing it up on the New Toy, but today my friend Eric Kurzbard sent a few pics my way and I was tripping out.  Good work boys..


Modern Nomads

Here are some more shots of one of the Modern Nomads, our man Ian Battrick. The Modern Nomads are a group of surfers who have been doing what it takes in this modern world of luxury surf tours and million dollar boat trips that some of the other soul surfers out there revel in. Check back soon for more…

Ian is camping out on the beach right now at Kandui before the resort goes in...

Ian on his trusty 5`11 Doc Aviso

The Bat in flight

This is the payment Ian reaps for all the time he puts in...


Sweet punt for Summer Solstice!

It nice to see shop owners rip… Go check out the real Mike Jones at Azhiaziam if you are up in the SLO area!  Also today is the longest day of the year here in Cali so get out there and enjoy it…

6`4 Lost SDII in Aviso Tech

This one was up before but deserves another run