Long day, feeling wasted…

It was a long day my friends, but the swell filled in and it was a beautiful afternnon here in San Clemente. Swell should hold for tomorrow and hopefully into the weekend. Check out this mellow little video and a few shots from rivi today as well. Of course check back tomorrow for more…


Morning Wach

Here is a quick shot of Christian on an early morning mission with his Canvas and 5`5  Doc  Aviso up by Santa Barbara…


More from Iceland

Our good mate Ian Battrick made it back up to Iceland this past week to make sure all was well and right at his favorite glacier. With the recent volcanic activity and the frigid (to say the least) water temps, I wondered why anyone in there right mind would be so excited to be there. That is until I saw the pictures of empty, firing beachbreaks and it all became quite clear.   Everything we are looking for is out there somewhere, it just depends on how hard you are willing to look….


Naki scoring in Hawaii

Check out a few of these shots of Naki on his trusty 5`0 Cole Aviso BD3 in Hawaii. I talked to him a few days ago, and I guess last week was all time at some of the reefs around his house…


Cold water in So Cal

Waves were fun and clean  again this morning but water temps have dipped to the low 50`s here in Southern California.  All the recent winds has caused a massive upwelling and booties are almost mandatory these days. I cant wait to get some waves in my trunks…

Here are a few quick shots from this morning at State Park..

2-3 and offshore early