Here is a little video from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros to start your friday off right. Another Coachella band that is just starting to take off.   Edward is formerly the lead singer from Ima Robot if he sounds familiar…


Air Ivo

How sick is this shot that Nuno sent me today of Janga team rider  Ivo boosting on his Doc Lausch Aviso!   Absolutely filthy my friends…



Jeff Johnston killing it on his Aviso!

It is nice when your shaper not only kills it in the shaping bay, but out in the lineup as well. The same can be said about a majority of the shapers that we work with here at Aviso, and nobody is more deserving than Jeff. Not only that but he is a really solid guy.  Very down to earth, yet commands a degree of respect in and out of the water. Here is a shot of him on his 5`9 Aviso Rocket Fish. This model is available in four sizes, from a 5`4 all the way up to 6`6.  It is one of the best models in our lineup without a doubt. Check the board page for more…

Jeff with a solid gouge on his 5`9 Aviso Rocket Fish

Jeff and Bobby with the 6`6 and 5`9 Rocket Fish


Sweet BD3

How cool is this wood finish one of Naki`s friends put on his Aviso BD3! I think he used some sort of wall paper, but it appears to be holding up…


The classic 5`0 Aviso

I thought I would leave you with this shot I saw on Dane Petersons blog. Proper advice....


Shots of Ian in Indo

Check out these shots that Ian sent over to us last week of from his latest trip to Indonesia with his 5`11 Doc Aviso. I guess there are a bunch more crazy ones that are being held for the mags so I will let you know when I hear more.  For now here is a little teaser….


Fun waves with nobody out!

I got some fun waves this afternoon with my friend Sky down at Uppers with only one other guy out!  It seemed to clean up through out the day today and ended up being really fun. The water dropped about 10 degrees overnight, but apart from that shock it was great.  Should be clean in the morning, get out there if you can!

Trash can in paradise

Nice lined up one

Reflection time

Man vs. Nature


Chrisitan scores another cover on his 10`0 Aviso!

Christian Wach scored another cover on his Aviso, this time riding his 10`0 CJ Nelson Aviso model!   It takes a lot for a yankee to score the cover of Australian Longboarder Magazine, but after his dominance over at Noosa the past few years they decided he earned it.  Here is Christian with a whole new spin on tip time… Photo by Dane Peterson.

Wach at Noosa