Trunkboard at Lowers!

HEre is the video of Christian riding the Trunkboard at Lowers in case you have not seen it yet. Christian left a few days back to defend his noseriding title at Noosa on his 10`0 CJ Nelson Aviso so wish him luck bringing the title back to the states for the fourth year in a row! Check back soon for updates as they come to us..


NakiSurf crew visits Aviso Factory!

Here are a few shots of the NakiSurf crew up at the factory in Minden last week. Taro and the rest of the boys (plus one girlfriend) made the eight hour drive drive north from San Clemente to Minden, which is about and hour or so past Mammoth.  It was great to have them come up and get a full run down of the process.  It is nice to see a distributor make that much of an effort to understand the complete process that a product goes through before it reaches the hand of the customer (or feet in this case).   That is what I call customer service. Great job guys!

This is where the magic happens


Frank Black Fridays

So I have been a little bored over here in blog-land, and I decided to start a weekly instalment of Frank Black Fridays.  For those of you who dont know, Frank Black (Black Francis) gained fame in the early 80`s as the frontman for the Pixies.  After that he went solo and released a self titled album before going on to start another band called Frank Black and the Catholics. 

This song is one of my favorites off of that self titled album. It is called Calistan, and it is about the Kings Highway (El Camino Real) which was the original road built by the missionaries to connect all of Father Sierras missions here in California.   Check it out and let me know what you think….


More shots of Naki with his Fireblade

dHere are some more shots of Naki with his new 5`5 Aviso Fireblade designed by Cole. The first few shots were taken last week when he was in California, and the others he snapped off over the last few days back  in Hawaii.  Check back soon for more once he had a chace to get it in some real surf back home…

NAki driving down the line on is new 5`5 Aviso

Rebounding with style!

Sick little rock n roll floater

Softsand Reef;)

BD5, Fireblade and BD3

5`5 Fireblade making its first apperance in the Islands!

Handmade in the USA at our factory in Minden, NV.


What a winter!

Oh man the waves just keep coming! Today saw another healthy dose of WNW swell in Southern California, and conditions were way better than expected. Just when it looked like things were going to calm down a bit we were blessed with another good run these last few days. Lets hope for more of the same in the morning…

Quick picture I snapped off after I got out. Tide was a bit high at this point but still so fun!



Also here is the final copy of the new Rail to Rail add that Dave just sent over...


Sunrise in SC

There were some fun waves left over this morning if you got on it early before the tide got too fat and the wind picked up.  Even after it got windy the points were still surfable most of the day.  I rode my 5`11 Aviso ZenII designed by Cole, which I had not ridden in a long time and I was pleasently suprised. I have not ridden a standard shortboard in a while so it was a good way to get back into the swing being that its a little shorter and wider than my usual shortboard, but nothing like my fishes. It felt really good to get some turns in on it, I cant wait to ride it again in some better surf…

On the hill above Lower Trestles looking toward Church

Breaking more at Middles than Lowers...

One of the more inconsistent waves around town showed her face for a bit this morning as well...

Also check out this shot that my good friend Dave Woods just sent me of Ian Battrick on the 5`11 Doc. Dave is the man, visit him in Mission Beach at his new shop Rail to Rail for all your Aviso needs...