Dreaming of an Eternal Summer

Here is a band for you all to check out on this cold and dreary morning here in Southern California. They are called  Eternal Summers.  I originally saw this video on MArine Layer and enjoyed it very much, hope you do too…


Footage from Noosa Festival

Check out this footage from the Noosa festival that our friend Matt Gillespie was kind enough to forward over to me today.  Couple of sweet clips of Christian in the mix for your viewing pleasure…


Wach @ Noosa

Here is a quick shot of Christian on his 10`0 CJ Nelson Aviso at Noosa. Hope you all had an amazing weekend!  Check back this week for a bunch more shots of Christians run at the Noosa Festival this year…

The California Kid


A few new shots from Batty…

Here are a couple of shots Ian Battrick sent over today of him riding his 5`11 Doc Aviso at a “newish” wave they have been surfing over in Scotland…

Looks like a such a sick wave! Double click the shot and check how shallow it is in the bottom left corner of the frame...


You know it is slabbing when Batty is getting pitched!


The Janga Revolt is on!

My friend Nuno over in Portugal sent me these shots today of his friend Ivo riding the 6`0 Cordell Dragster. These shots were all taken during his first session on the board!  Check back soon for more on Nuno, Ivo, and the rest of the Janga crew. All Photos courtesy of  Joao Lobo. Thanks Joao, we really appreciate it!


South swell for So Cal!

Fun waves around town today! Rode my 5`5 RNF and had a sooooo much fun……

Sands of Time

State Park draining

Mt. Rushmore in SC

Lowers... Word of the SOuth Swell must be out!

Old Faithful... I think she is about four years old!


The Champ!

Here is a quick shot of Chrisitan laying it down at the Noosa Festival over the weekend on his 10`0 Aviso!

Chrisitan has been untouchable on his 10`0 Aviso!


Christian Wach wins the Golden Breed Noserider!

Christian Wach won the Noseriding Division at the 2010 Noosa Festival yesterday for a record 4th time in a row riding his 10`0 CJ Nelson Aviso designed by Bob Pearson!!! I will be back with more soon but for now here is a video he made from his trip to Noosa last year…