Super Bowl Session

Got some fun waves down at Creek with Naki this afternoon before the start of the Super Bowl with nobody out.  There were a few good ones to be had out there, but conditions were a little tough. Things should clean up tomorrow morning, could be really fun….


5`0 BD3 Bonzer


5`9 Aviso Fireblade (Area 51)


Naki in Costa with the 5`0 BD3 with single fin bonzer!

Here are a few shots of Naki riding the first 5`0 BD3 bonzer in Aviso Technology down in Costa Rica!  Naki decided to make a quick run south score some surf and test out a few boards. Looks like he was loving new setup on the 5`0!

Looks like it was going off out there...

Naki about to backdoor a pretty heavy looking section on the 5`0 Aviso BD3 Boozer. I guess he made all but one of his waves out there....

Beautiful shot Naki!


Pura Vida

Costa Sunset


The Slab Hunter

Here are a few shots Ian Battrick riding his Doc Aviso over at a slab in Scotland.  I can not say enough about how hard this guy charges.   Be it freezing cold Scottish slabs, even colder Artic wonders or warm water reef passes in Indo, Ian puts in his time and it seems to be paying off.  What blows my mind is how some of the heaviest chargers out in the water are some of the most soft spoken individuals on land. Ian is one of those guys from what I have seen. Not big on the BS, just says whats on his mind, and that usually has something to do with getting barreled…

This wave ended up on the cover of Wavelength Magazine

Good thing he is riding his Aviso or his board would be dust...


5`5 Aviso Fireblade (Area 51) at Lowers

Here are a few shots of Naki and Christian riding the brand new 5`5 Aviso Fireblade by Cole down at Lowers. Check back soon for more, looks like we should have more swell filling in for the weekend and into next week…

Sea Walk slashing on the new 5`5 Fireblade


Wrapping around on the 5`5

Slot/Channel bottom for crazy speed down the line

The very first 5`5 Fireblade in Aviso Technology!


Point Break + Fireblade = Pure Fun!

I rode the Fireblade today down the trail and had so much fun.  The crowd was light and the sets were about waist to chest high. I had my best session yet with my new 5`9!  The board just flows so well at the points, with ample speed to get you through slow sections and now that I have my fins dialed its nice and loose on the turns. My board is set up with the ZX boxes, which allow for like a quarter inch of movement forward or back.  Today I  rode the board as a thruster with the side fins all the way back and the midddle fin all the way up. This loosened  the board up just a little and still allowed me the right amount of drive. I cant wait to get it back in the water…

5`9 Cole Fireblade in Aviso Technology...

Introducing the Aviso Premium Series

Not too crowded...

More on the way...

More on the way...

The bat signal


Death Weasel Blog

I was browsing the interweb today and came across this blog, Death Weasel Films. Turns out its my friend Jon Steele pulling the strings behind Death Weasel, and it looks like he ran into Sea Walk down the trail the other day…

“so it was firing the other day somewhere where i know there happens to be surf sometimes.. I saw my friend on the way down as i was surfed out… it has been 2 days of being surfed out… i love that kind of pain.. it hurts alot when you surf for hours… but we could talk about politics if you dont like talkin about surfing…
Today there was surf and as the Lord would have it Christian Wach a rad surfer happen to give me a ride to lookout point… great to see the shredder…
Then he GAVE me a board to try … what????<<<< who does that…
a 5.ft Cole Aviso… great board and i had a reallly good time with it… It surfs cool and did some ariel surfin… thanks Sea WAlk .. stoked to do something different…
Tommy fed some pelicans and hung out with Seagulls… Good times… Life is good.”

The puppetmaster. Photo by Black/Steele... is that kinda like Blue Steel Jon?

5`0 Aviso

5`0 Aviso


Aviso Portugal

Here are a few shots my friend Nuno sent to me over the weekend of him riding his Classic 5`5 Aviso RNF over in Portugal. Check back tomorrow for more…

Yeah Nuno!

Yeah Nuno!