BAM! (Brian Anderson Model)

Yesterday I went up to visit RS in Newport Beach at the Wave Tools shop over on Placentia.  He has been holding it down for Lance the last few months, and has turned it into a little Aviso hub as well.

While I was there I picked up the 9`9  Aviso Brian Anderson Model by Robert August with a beautiful green tint.  I have been dying to get my hands on a single fin to ride, and I was so stoked when RS handed it over for a test run. 

After battling it out down the trail over a crowded Presidents Day weekend, I was in need of a different way to get my surf fix.  Usually I am not much of a logger, but after riding the BAM I think I might be hooked.  I caught as many waves as I desired, and was able even get in a little bit of tip time! 

Christian has always told me that there is something special about the way that Aviso`s noseride.  He told me once that it almost felt like he was cheating on his 10`0 CJ.   Today I kind of understood what he was talking about, and I loved it! Check back soon for more on the BAM.



Keeping the 80`s alive

Go visit RS at the Wave Tools shop on Placetia, off 19th St in Newport.

Looking at Church way up in the distance. It has been really fun the last few days...


More Fireblade shots!

Here are some more shots of the Aviso Fireblade in action.  The first group of shots are of Naki and the rest of the crew down at Salt Creek with the 5`5, and the last few are some more shots I took yesterday afternoon down the trail…


California Dreaming 2010

Today was another picaresque day here in Southern California! The waves and the weather have really come together over the last few days, and it should hold up a little bit longer it seems.  Obviously the lineups have been a bit packed with the holiday weekend and all, but there are still plenty of waves to be had out there. Here are a few pictures I took down the trail over the last two days…

Home is where the heart is...

All time conditions

Is it summer already?

Look who else made it down!

Cole with his latest breakthrough in surfboard design.

5`9 Aviso Fireblade designed by Cole Simler.

Is that a BD5 (Single Fin Trunkboard) I see in the foreground?

Gavin Day checking out the Fireblade

HAve a wonderful day, see ya tomorrow!


HAppy Valentines Day!

The waves were going off again today, and the weather was flawless. Felt like the middle of summer, and all the boys were out enjoying it. I am having issues with my computer right now so I cant post any pics but I will be back with more first thing tomorrow…


Swell picked up, things looking good…

The swell picked up here in Southern California, and things are looking really good for the next few days and possibly through next week!  The weather was beautiful today, with temperatures finally creeping back into the 70`s along the beaches.  Got to love California!

I ended up surfing down the trail this afternoon on my 5`9 Fireblade with my friend Gyr. He rode his 5`5 Round Nose Fish.  I think his board is about two or three years old and the thing looks like he bought it last week.  I have never even heard of a board that lasts close to as long as my Aviso.  If you want a good board that lasts, look no further my friend…

Low tide arvo session today... Pretty drained out when we got there but it cleaned up a lot before dark.

Perfect way to end another beautiful day in SC!


5`9 Cole Fireblade and 5`5 Lost Round Nose Fish

Gyr Bloom with his trusty 5`5 Aviso

5`9 Fireblade now available in Aviso Technology!

MAde in the USA!


Road to Zion

Check out this video I came across of Jonkette riding his 6`1 Doc Aviso in Jamaica. Jonkette is one of Doc`s team riders from France, and the guy is just classic.  Definitely not shy with the ladies from what I hear…

This shot was used in the Big Issue of Surfer...

6`1 Doc Pro II in Aviso Technology


Aviso in Brazil

HEre are a few shots of my friend Nate Yeomans riding his 6`2 Rusty Aviso down in Brazil. Nate qualified for the WCT this year so you will be seeing much more of him in the near future!  Check back soon for more, and get ready for some swell moving in over the weekend! Also be sure and click on the photos for the full size image…

All Photos courtesy of Jason Kenworthy


Fireblade at Creek

Here are a couple of shots of me with my 5`9  Cole Fireblade down at Salt Creek.  Looks like the weather is going to clear up here in Southern California, and we should have back to back swells moving in for the weekend and into next week. I feel like I have said that a few times already this winter….