Crazy weather!

Today saw steady rain through the day, along with a tsunami warning for the majority of the Pacific Rim after the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile!  The rain looks to have stopped now and the waves could be really good in the morning…

Naki with another priceless moment



Have a great weekend!

Waves were fun again this morning at the Church! Conditions are suspect tomorrow, but after that it looks like we should have a good run of swell with proper conditions for a few days…

Alex Parker dropping in on the 5`9 Timmy Patterson Aviso


Sliding at Church

Got some great waves this evening down at Church on the 9`9 Brian Anderson Aviso designed by Robert August!  I am so glad I ran down there before dark, the wind died down and the swell picked up a lot from the last few days.  It was just a handful of us trading of waves until the moon came out and sent us on our way…

THe moon making her way out to play


The Church


A few random shots for Tuesday

Here are a couple of random shots I came across while going through some older stuff that I thought were worth sharing. Check back tomorrow for more, we should have some fun waves through the weekend , and we have a few new things we have been working on up at the shop that you will hear about soon…

Devon Thresher in Brazil on his 6`0 JJ/Lost.

Jessie Heilman on his 5`10 Lost/JJ

Dave Beagley on is Ferrari Yellow 5`11 Doc Aviso

Dane Ward in Mexico on his silver 5`6 Lost RNF Aviso



Last night was a long one, watched our friend Pat huber (of Rainbow Sandal fame) play at the Rib Trader in town . It was a blast but I am beat. Check back tomorrow, looks like we should have fun waves all week here in California…

Ruff life