September Sessions…

I love September!  I think it might be my favorite month in California.  The south swells are still pumping, weather is warm, and the kids are back in school where they belong:)  Here are a couple pictures of another perfect september evening at one of Southern California finest beaches…Enjoy!!


My new 6`2 Doc

Ever since we released the 6`2 Doc Aviso a few months back I have been dying to get my hands on one!.   Now that I finally have one it was definitely worth the wait!  The board feels amazing!! I cant wait to get this thing in the water…

My friend Drew hooked me up with one of his sick new Blackline pads and I am frothed!  If you have never seen them be cure to check them out and keep checking the Aviso website for the next free demo and come check out the newest models for yourself!!


Balaram Stack on his Aviso

This morning I dropped off Perkins and his lovely girl Kristen off at the airport. I was sad to see them leave but at the the time I am sure I will see them soon!  After that I snuck in a quick surf, and ran off to meet up with my friend Drew from Blackline. Drew had called me earlier because his son had snapped the nose off of his foam board, and was kinda in a bad spot seeing that it was his only board. His son had ridden our 5`1 once before and it worked amazing for him so he was hoping I might be able to help.  As luck would have it, I had just received a demo back from east coast ripper Balaram Stack.

He finally out grew his first Aviso, but even after 2 solid years the board still does not have a single pressure ding!  That is one of the beauties of owning an Aviso, you wont pressure ding the life out of your board after a few solid sessions!. I had the chance to stay with Balaram out in NYa few months back when we were on one of our little east coast tours.  The kid is was up at sunrise every day checking the buoys and frothing to surf, I loved it! Check out the pics of Balaram ripping on Aviso technology!


Perkins last day in town

Today was Perkins last day in town before heading back to New Smyrna so after a quick session down by Calafia we  decided to stop by and check out our friend Rudy at the Rainbow Sandals factory.  That place is great!  Stop by and score your self some sick leather sandals without breaking the bank.

Later that evening we scooped up Yeomans and headed down to check out the waves.  T-street had some little wedges coming through so we ran out for a quick session before dark.  We all switched off boards and had a blast! After surfing we got cleaned up real quick and headed out to Sonny`s Pizza, another bitchin place to eat!  If you like thin crust pizza you will freak out on the pie at this joint.  Even though it was bitter sweet knowing that my friends would be leaving soon, I was really stoked for the time that we were able to spend together!   If you see Perko out at the Inlet ripping his Aviso, give the guy a wave, he deserves it!


A mellow Sunday

I woke up a little late  today, then headed over to our good friend Jason Kenworthys house.  If you have opened up a copy of Surfer Magazine over the last few years then you have definitely seen a ton of his photos.  He actually scored the cover of Surfer this month!  Anyway, I went over to take him his brand new 9`8 Stand up from Infinity and drop off a few copies of our new catalog that features a bunch of his amazing photos. 

I love this board! The 9`8 Aviso from Infinity is definitely the best paddle board that I have ever ridden.  We just updated it and added a center fin box so that the board would have the option of riding it as a quad or 2+1 setup.  I love this board as a quad but I am stoke on the added versatility!  Kenworthy agrees that with the addition of the center fin box, this board is by far the most advanced performance SUP on the market today!  Be sure to stop by the Infinity shop on PCH in Dana Point and check it out.  They might be able to arrange a demo for you, and be sure to tell Steve and the crew I said hi! Also be sure to ask about the new Aviso Secret Weapon!!


Congratulations Nate!!!

This morning Perkins and I headed down to Oceanside to surf.  The waves looked really soft but ended up being super fun! I rode the 5`7  round nose fish quad designed by Matt Biolos, and Perkins rode his trusty 6`1 designed by JJ. The water was freezing! I guess summer really is starting to wind down…

After we surfed, we headed back up to San Clemente for a late breakfast at Antoines Cafe.  They have the best breakfast in town for sure! Robo came down and graced us with his presence for a bit. He is so classic! For breakfast I had the “French Bagel” with tomato, basil, and goat cheese. It was insane!

After that we dropped by the pad for a bit then headed down to Calafia to go surf again.  The waves were kind of closed out but it felt good to get wet, and the water seemed to warm up a bit.  After that we retired back to the house once again to prepare for another big night!

Later that evening I headed down to the San Clemente Tennis Club for Nate and Jenny Yeomans wedding reception.  The two of them have been together since Nate was a senior at SC High, so it was really wonderful to see them take it to the next level!  Congratulations Nate, you are truly a class act!!

Everyone was in rare form thats for sure!  The Gudauskas brothers were there in force, showing everyone they can rip the dance floor just as hard as the lineup!  Losness was another stand out, and as always Nate was cutting some serious rug!  This was definitely a night to remember…


After a few more glasses of champagne the day started to catch up with me and I decided to retire back to the house to get some rest.  When I arrived home I could not help but think about what a quality group of people I was able to spend the evening with! As I drifted off to sleep I could not help but smile…


Another amazing week in Southern California!

This Week has truly been amazing! After spending the weekend down in beautiful San Diego for the ASR trade show, we headed straight to Huntington Beach for the final event of the Quicksilver Shop Challenge! The event took place on the south side of the pier in solid head high surf.  In the end it was the local boys over at Surfride down in Oceanside taking home the grand prize of ten thousand dollars, a trip to the Eddie and a brand new Aviso!

The waves have been going off all week and as luck would have it, the top surfers in the world were in town to take full advantage.  The only WCT event that takes place on the mainland went down all week in flawless surf down at Lowers.  The level of surfing all week was nothing short of mind blowing.  In the end if you bet against Kelly you are an idiot. With conditions deteriorating, the event organizers made the call to run the final yesterday afternoon. Even though Kelly was in combo land half way through the final he still managed to get a couple of nines to pull off the win and finish off a tremendous week of surfing!


After the event we assembled Robo, Perko, Yeomans and crew, then headed off to Takao for some insane sushi.  If you are ever in San Clemente be sure to stop by and grab yourself a ONO roll.  You wont regret it! After a few rolls and a few drinks we were all primed up to make our grand entrance at the MADA party at the OC tavern. The rest of the night was a blast, and we ended up back at the pad safe and sound and ready for another day, whatever it might bring!


Hello!!! Welcome to the blog for the Aviso Surfboard community!!

First off, I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to check out our blog.  It seems like everyday there is something new going on over here at Aviso Surfboards and we wanted to be able to share it with all of our friends!  It might be a story about one of our amazing new designs, or possibly a write up on an event that we attended or maybe even what we had for lunch today.  Basically a little bit of everything to keep you stoked on surfing and most of all stoked on life! Feel free to comment and have a wonderful day!!